For retail chains, the process of introducing a new product in stores can be overwhelming without the right tools. Finding an exciting product to sell is the easy part; navigating every step that’s necessary between ordering an item and getting it on the shelves is a lot more complicated. That’s why it’s so important to have software that can help guide staff members along the way, making sure that everything is done in the right order. The right tools can help eliminate missed deadlines, duplicated efforts, and a lot of frustration.

How to keep track of who is doing what?

Adding a new item to your product line can be a big endeavour.

After finding the right product, retail chains must also check its quality, get background on the supplier, calculate the right order size and create a marketing campaign. It’s a complicated process, and the only way to avoid mistakes is to make sure everyone knows exactly who should be doing what, and in what order.

Each staff member must be able to take ownership of their own part of the process. But when a company has its head office in Europe, a production centre in Asia and a separate marketing division somewhere else, it can be extremely difficult to keep track of what has already been done and which step needs the most urgent attention.

Especially when staff are still looking at a lengthy To-Do list in a simple spreadsheet and checking things off manually as they go along.

Getting everyone on the same page

With the right PLM software, the whole process can be organized in a way that makes it more efficient, faster, and with less room for errors.

The key is to have a tool that clearly highlights deadlines and important dates for each different product, with visual diagrams that show exactly what needs to be done at any given time. And by using a web-based system, everyone can get immediate updates that show what other people have done, and which steps still need to be taken.

Staff members can still have their own To-Do lists but can also see how work is progressing on the overall product line. And if someone accidentally skips a step, the system will tell them to back and complete it first.

PLM software makes the whole process simpler

By using the ENOVIA software solutions from TECHNIA, retail companies can regain control of the entire process.

From ordering a new product to getting it into the hands of the customer, everything is easier when everyone is on the same page. Make sure your staff can switch from being reactive and constantly putting out fires to being proactive and eliminating problems before they arise. The right tools are available, it’s only a matter of using them.