Utilizing engineering and technical experience to support the environment: Producing construction materials made out of recycled plastic.


“Our mission is to bring cutting-edge engineering to bear in the harmonization of construction and the environment.”  – with that mission statement in mind, 2K Manufacturing came up with the idea of how to convert recycled plastic into a plywood board substitute. However, support on designing a scalable production line as well as the products was needed.


Working together, TECHNIA’s (formerly Intrinsys) experts provided the design, development and support to establish a viable production process that could be scaled up to fulfill the demands of its customers. As the manufacturing process is unique to 2K, it required the design of a bespoke machine to meet their stringent needs. Using 3D modeling made it possible to create, develop and finally release all parts and the technical drawings ready for manufacture. Moreover, our experts shared their engineering and technical competence to design the 2K products.


The unique solution has now been successfully replicated multiple times with a factory filled with tools to keep up with demand. 2K Manufacturers delivers customers nationwide in the UK and Ireland.