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Every detail is critical at MacGregor

Requirements on safety and durability are strict on marine cargo cranes. A typical crane is mounted 20 meters above the ship deck and has a lifting capacity of more than 40 tons on outreach of up to 30 meters. Some models can lift 450 tons. It is critical that every detail in the crane works; failure is not an option. MacGregor Cranes, the world’s leading marine cargo crane maker, relies on PLM and Technia’s TVC for its product information and business processes. “PLM makes it easy to evaluate the consequences of a change in production and shows us exactly what components are.

For example, in technical support, a TVC makes it easy to log actions to a specific customer crane.

“The primary benefit of our TVCs is to improve user-friendliness. We can present and configure information in a better way. Simplicity is paramount,” Sundin says.

Do not underestimate PLM is about putting information in the right context, parts into bill of materials (BOM) that are connected to individual products that in their turn are part of customer projects, specifications to parts etc.

When you search for information, you find your way by contextual search, rather than via traditional search. For it to work, “The organization has to understand the importance of putting the information in the right place and abiding by procedures. Don’t underestimate, the challenge of getting your users to see the big picture,” Sundin says.

PLM combined with education and change management is the key to success

“The PLM software is only half of the way to success, the rest is change management. You need to change the way your organization thinks and works.”

How do you succeed? “Education, education and education. And making sure your management is driving the issue,” says Sundin.

MacGregor has worked with Technia for many years. Why TECHNIA?
“We have a good relationship. We appreciate the fact that TECHNIA consultants make an effort to understand our business; and we don’t always agree. If we say that we need something with specific functionality, they can say: ‘We hear what you are saying, but we think you need a different solution.’ We like having a dialogue.”

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