TECHNIA Releases CAVA 1.31.x

CAVA, TECHNIA’s solution for car design and legal compliance, has now updated to version 1.31.x. CAVA 1.31.x delivers many new and enhanced functions including: Safety of Occupants and Pedestrians, Vision Analysis, Overall Vehicle Architecture and Manikin.


  • Cameras are getting more and more important for the design of assisted and automated driving systems. The new Feature Camera Field of View in the Vision Module will help you to precisely calculate the vision cone of a camera while considering obstructions and even the refracted view through transparent elements like a windscreen.

cava 131 screenshot   cava 131 release update screenshot

  • In CAVA Safety the performance of the Radius Analysis functions has been significantly improved and many customer requests regarding the standards ECE-R21 and ECE-R26 have been implemented.
  • In the area of Pedestrian Protection, new additions to the latest version NCAP 8.4 regulation and the ECE R127 standards have been incorporated.

cava 131 release update screenshot    cava 131 update release screenshot

  • In the OVA module the possibility to add tolerance values to the loading definition in the CAVA base data was added. The benefit to the user is to more easily do analysis of tolerance worst case scenarios in all CAVA functions.

cava 131 release update screenshot    cava 131 release update screenshot


For more detailed information and further enhancements deployed in CAVA 1.31.x, view ‘What’s New?’