Leading Global Innovation: WIPO Index 2019

Product Lifecycle Management is a powerful growth factor for global innovation in manufacturing.

The promise of Industry 4.0 is quickly becoming the practise of today. And this accelerated progression is plain to see from the results of the Global Innovation Index 2019.

The World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) publishes their report annually to catalogue innovative developments across the world. Over one hundred countries are indexed based on eighty indicators ranging from research and development to mobile-phone app creation.

This year, the WIPO GII focuses on the future of Medical innovation. With Bernard Charlѐs, CEO of Dassault Systѐmes, asserting that, “Healthcare is at the core of the Industry Renaissance that is emerging worldwide”.

The age of experience begins with healthcare. With Product Lifecycle Management platforms empowering the shift from reactive treatment to predictive and preventative measures. With the vision of a digital, collaborative and sustainable future.

Addnode Group acquires, operates and develops cutting edge enterprises that digitalise society. And their vision of a digital, sustainable society is independently aligned with the WIPO’s Global Innovation Index to ensure longevity, and prosperity.

As the PLM division of Addnode Group, TECHNIA drive innovation by finding the best solution to turn our clients’ product vision into real world value.

With TECHNIA having footholds in all of the top five indexed global innovation economies, we couldn’t be better placed to deliver on our client promises. And we are delighted to see that our knowledge is paying dividends to the countries that we call our homes.

TECHNIA are enjoying great success partnering with Swiss businesses, the Global Leaders in Innovation. In 2017, TECHNIA set out to bolster our consultative presence in Switzerland by bringing PLM products to the market.

Our project with Swiss Train-makers, Stadler, stands as an example of a superior company adopting superior technology to stay on the cutting edge. The implementation of their specialised 3DEXPERIENCE platform enabled Stadler to accelerate innovation and unify engineering teams.

“TECHNIA had by far the best team in terms of being able to answer our questions and understanding our needs. Their system also had a technological advantage compared to the other competitors.”

Thanks to progressive manufacturing partnerships like this, Switzerland has maintained their number one ranking on the WIPO Global Innovation Index.

Sweden has improved on third place in 2018, climbing to second position, with the US, UK and Netherlands following closely behind. While our partners in India have been recognised as global leaders in, “knowledge and technology output”.

WIPO attribute the Swedish economy’s triumph to, “an innovative business sector and outputs from knowledge and technology”. And recognise innovation as a key driver for economic growth and prosperity,

We, at TECHNIA, encourage innovation dedicatedly. Our partners, colleagues and customers across the world are consistently at the forefront of progression within their respective industries. And we are proud to be working alongside them in their endeavours.

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