3DVIA Composer’s unique magnetic line functionality makes it possible for users to easily align collaborative actors such as callouts and images.

When moving around a model, attached collaborative actors, which have a constant presence through multiple views or marker sequences in animations, can cause issues by getting in the way. This results in you to have to keep adjusting positioning of each collaborative actor. Time consuming and tedious I think you’ll agree!

An easier way to do this is by using magnet lines. Using magnet lines, multiple collaborative actors can be attached and moved all at once.

Magnetic Lines in 3DVIA Composer

Create your collaborative actors in the view.

Using the “Magnet” option on the “Author” tab on the ribbon, draw a line by clicking at the start and end extremities of your desired line.

Magnetic Lines in 3DVIA Composer

Drag and drop actors, one by one or by using multi select options (hold ctrl on your keyboard), onto the magnet line.

Magnetic Lines in 3DVIA Composer

Multiple magnet lines can be created allowing mass relocation of collaborative actors.

These can be used for any type of collaborative actor, not just call outs as shown.

Hint: After dragging and dropping collaborative actors onto the magnet line, they can be reordered by dragging and placing them in a different order on the line.