The challenges in the Pharmaceutical industry are well known. Companies must reduce time to market, streamline processes, increase revenues and cut cost whilst at the same time meeting regulatory demands. These challenges may appear daunting, but they can be dealt with effectively. This is where TECHNIA deliver value.

What advantages does PLM bring to the Pharmaceutical Industry?

Ensure standardisation and quality

In the industry where standardization and quality is a matter of utmost importance, PLM helps companies maintain product quality level while driving materials costs down through the lean and efficient use of Intellectual Property (IP).

Streamline product development processes

A PLM solution increases business agility by streamlining product development processes to be in line with project goals and market requirements by maintaining the traceability from product ideation to commercialization and obsolescence.

Enhance collaboration

A PLM platform works as a collaboration environment to enable your employees to better manage their strategic suppliers and partners by bringing them earlier in the development process, allowing better communication and more time for innovation.

What is PLM?

Industry leaders use Product Lifecycle Managment (PLM) to speed up and streamline product development processes to increase profitability, free up resources and drive innovation. It’s a competitive advantage that few companies can afford to overlook. But PLM doesn’t end when a new product launches. PLM is a holistic, automated, connected and streamlined way to manage products from development, and throughout their entire life cycles, ending in retirement. It also ensures traceability of products and parts and helps to secure products and brands from the effects of quality issues and product recalls.

Why Choose TECHNIA?

At TECHNIA, our mission is to help customers resolve tough business challenges and realise business opportunities. We achieve this by providing our customers with exceptional PLM solutions comprising of software, systems and services, for critical business processes.  With over 30 years’ experience, more than 6000 Customers worldwide and world-class knowledge in PLM & Intelligent Engineering, we work together as an extension of your team to create an exceptional PLM experience.

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