Consumers of today know what they want. They demand high quality and eco-friendly products to fill a specific need, putting pressure on companies within the Furniture & Home Goods segment to have control throughout whole product life cycle, in addition to scalable and efficient production. It is important to get the right product to market from start to reduce material costs, keep margins and limit the environmental impact.​

What advantages does PLM deliver the Furniture & Home Goods industry?​

Faster Innovation

Speed up innovation with reduced complexity and quicker time-to-market.​

Manage Sustainability

Get control of the entire operation chain to keep up with increased consumer demand for sustainability.

Reduce Material Costs

Make the most of compliant and distinct packaging, as well as reduced material costs.

Optimise Production

Avoid manufacturing mistakes by managing production complexity.

How can TECHNIA help?

We understand your business challenges

Modern consumers want the latest designs with more choice of customisation, delivered fast. For designers and companies to meet these short time-lines can be a big challenge. The need for modern 3D design and the ability to visualise products earlier in the design phase is becoming essential. The manufacturing process must be optimised in order to maintain margins and meet delivery schedules. With TECHNIA as your partner, this is easy!

We have the solution for you

A PLM solution allows you to get control of your data, so you can reuse and share information with different parties at an earlier stage. Not only does this speed up the innovation process, but also gives production a possibility to scale and redirect material at a moment’s notice. PLM makes it possible to customise product designs which gives higher customer satisfaction and speeds up purchase decisions. Steps that before could take days to complete now only takes a few hours or less. Contact us and we’ll tell you more.​

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