Fluctuating seasonal trends and high customer demands, as well as strict national and international regulation regarding quality, safety, and sustainability – when operating within the Fashion & Luxury Goods segment, you are well aware of these challenges.

What can PLM do for the Fashion & Luxury Goods industry?

Shorten lead times

Keep up with accelerating trend cycles and benefit from global production.

Increase sales

Increase your sales through shorter lead times, more stable volumes and better ability to meet market demands.

Enhance traceability

Enhance security and efficiency – as well as environmental and social responsibility by tracing, controlling, and documenting work flow.

Enable growth

Maintain a stable workforce, reduced inventory and costs.

Improve innovation opportunities

Create more time for creative work and improved accessibility to new product areas.

Better communication

Target information towards the right user and receiver, while creating one common view within the company.

How can TECHNIA help?

We understand your business challenges

The Fashion & Luxury Goods segment consists of companies who design, manufacture and sell clothes, footwear and fashion accessories. Fashion companies work with several seasons and product drops/launches per year and manage a certain assortment and article structure. The Fashion & Luxury Goods companies of today needs to offer products not only meeting the high demands of the consumers, but also meeting national and international standards and complied with regulations to ensure quality, safety and sustainability.

We'll provide the solution you need

To be able to deliver on consumers requirements of product quality, fashion levels and environmental friendliness, more and more fashion companies are streamlining their management of design, production and information by applying a Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution. With a PLM solution, Fashion companies will be able to meet the demands from the market, become more effective, more competitive and more profitable. PLM can help you manage:

  • Merchandising Planning
  • Product Specification
  • Material Management
  • Product Sourcing
  • Quality Management
  • Supplier Handling
  • Sample Management
  • Quotation Process

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