Companies within the Packaging Supplier industry need to manage product quality, traceability and regulatory complexity in a global environment without delaying product launches. How can PLM help to keep up with these increasing demands?

What advantages does PLM deliver Packaging Suppliers?

Faster Innovation

Speed up innovation with reduced complexity and increase time-to-market.

Manage Sustainability

Get control of the entire operation chain to keep up with increased consumer demand for sustainability.

Reduce Material Costs

Make the most of compliant and distinct packaging, while reducing material costs.

Optimise Production

Avoid manufacturing mistakes by managing production complexity.

How can TECHNIA help?

We understand your business challenges

Faster innovation is necessary in order to keep up with changing consumer trends. Meanwhile, it remains essential to keep profitability high by reducing material costs and optimising production methods. On top of this consumers, markets and regulations drive increasing pressure for sustainability.

We have the solution for you

With a PLM solution you take control of your data, reusing and sharing information with stakeholders at an earlier stage, speeding up the innovation process tremendously. Tasks that usually take days to complete can now be reduced down to a few hours or less. PLM also makes it possible to create product designs virtually, eliminating the need for multiple samples by getting the design right from the start, lowering both material and production cost. Want to know more? Just get in touch.

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