A tailored PLM system will help you handle complex variations so that you can develop and manage an agile, customised assortment – from idea to finished solution in one common, practical tool.

What are the advantages of PLM for Consumer Services?

Improve productivity

Save time spend creating, by reusing information and components

Better traceability

Manage data more effectively, and save time using one single system

Accurate pricing

Make simultaneous changes across several offerings in one go

Control of regulations and restrictions

Ensure your business stay up-to-date and ahead of the competition

One source of information

Benefit from better collaboration between departments and suppliers

Greater customer choice

Use PLM to organize and combine your offerings, including add-on products

How can TECHNIA help?

We understand your business challenges

For Consumer services companies to attract today’s consumers, it’s not just about offering services, as usual, it’s more and more about diversifying the offer, discover new markets and meet up to new customer needs. With internet commerce, innovation becomes an even greater challenge as companies need to select and execute the right ideas and bring them to market before their competition. To tackle the challenge to reach consumers and provide the ultimate offering, the Consumer Services companies need to develop and manage a flexible and customized assortment/offering.

We have the solutions for you

Even though the product development process is different in the consumer services segment compared to the product development of physical products, the usage of a PLM system is highly relevant. To be able to manage idea planning requirements in one common system from idea to finished product is crucial. Products within the Consumer Services segment often have a challenging life cycle and frequent adjustments often occur even after launch. Using a PLM solution might not be the obvious choice for most retail companies, but with huge success in many industries around the world, PLM is a great tool for companies who want to grow and increase sales.

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