It is becoming more and more common that CAD users are upgrading from CATIA V5 to CATIA V6 and CATIA 3DEXPERIENCE. Although the upgrade will bring increased functionality with ease of use, it can often be intimidating to use when the interface looks refreshed. Furthermore, it can become increasingly frustrating when you cannot find the tool you are looking for.

September 14, 2016

One of these tools is the Enhanced Scene function in CATIA V5, it is now called Scene in CATIA V6. Please see below how this can be created. Stay tuned and visit our blog to learn how to do this in CATIA 3DEXPERIENCE too, the latest Dassault Systèmes CAD solution.

1) Open the Assembly you wish you manipulate

2) Right Click on the top level assembly and insert a new Review

3) Ensure the Review is current (underlined) otherwise right click on it and set it as Current

4) Access the Digital Review workbench under Digital Mockup

5) Manipulate the CAD as required. NOTE: you can use the tools in the Digital Review workbench.

It is worth noting that the Show/Hide state of a part can be saved. If you need to Hide/Show particular parts it is important that you are in the Digital Review workbench. It is possible to have a Digital Review ‘current’ but still be in the Assembly workbench. If not in the Digital Review workbench, the Show/Hide status of part WILL NOT be saved.

6) When the CAD is in the position you wish to save (along with any Hide/Show states), select the Slide tool to insert a Slide.

This inserts a Slide under the Review node. This Slide is a snapshot in time of what was currently displayed on screen. If you need to change the Slide, just manipulate/Show/Hide the CAD as required and then just right-click on the Slide and select Update Slide.

7) When finished, simply set the Review to “Unset current” by right clicking on it


  • You can insert multiple Slides within the same Review. To activate different Slides, you can just double-click them.
  • Slides can be inserted as a drawing view by selecting them first (during drawing view creation) in the tree and then selecting the 3D.
  • 3DShapes cannot be manipulated or have their Show/Hide status saved in a Slide.
  • To start a fresh new Slide, whilst in Digital Review workbench, you can select Tools>Review Tools>Reset Product.