Our Patent to Product service aims to give you the engineering advantages that are usually only available to leading companies.

It takes more than a great idea to be the next big thing. Most large companies manage innovation within their PLM system, an environment that will say stop more often than go. During the product development organizations have to take many factors into account: understanding market and consumer requirements, trends, the on-going development and industrialization requirements and cost involved. These forces makes sure that only the most commercially viable ideas see light of day. This process is highly effective and optimized for long term growth and development of the business.

Our Patent to Product service aims to give you the engineering advantages that are usually only available to leading companies. The service can contain:

  • Initial concept visualization and definition
  • Early design, analysis & simulation
  • Detailed design, analysis & simulation
  • Prototype build, test & development
  • Preparation for industrialization

Once we understand where you are in your project we might start by creating early concept designs that you can start to share with stakeholders for comment and to develop commitment. You can also count on our experienced team to support you during key engagements with existing and potentially new stakeholders. Using the very latest design software our engineers are able to create engineering ready designs that can be used to present lifelike versions of your product to confirm early assumptions (Operation, User/Consumer reaction, Investor commitment, Marketing and Sales potential).

Established businesses know that problems removed as early in the design & development process as possible save cost later on. We can carry out detailed design, analysis and simulation, which includes material selection and manufacturing methods in a safe virtual environment. You can be secure in the knowledge that your product will perform as intended, within its environment, long before the more significant financial risks are taken.

Our service includes our own engineering expertise and experience working with the world’s leading industries and successful companies in many markets. Having taken our own products from concept to consumption we understand the process and quite uniquely possess specific knowledge of how to optimize to compete successfully with big business.

If all your boxes are ticked we can work with you through the development stages (building and testing on rigs, crash, durability and performance testing and verification, packaging etc.). It’s up to you to specify the length of our engagement.