The MAC Address, also known as the Physical Address, of a computer is derived from a network adaptor.


Most machines today have multiple network adapters; Ethernet (LAN), Wireless & Bluetooth. All three will have their own MAC address to identify them which is unique for that single physical product. Some servers may also host multiple Ethernet adapters for performance and/or redundancy. Some licences require the MAC address in order to create a licence based on a unique reference. This is the case for FLEX LM (NET) licences.

How to obtain your Target ID

1. Download the MAC Address extraction tool

2. Browse to the directory where the extraction tool has been downloaded.

3. Right click on the .zip file and select Extract All…

Obtaining a MAC Address

4. Place the files on the user’s desktop and select Show extracted files when complete before selecting Extract.

Obtaining a MAC Address

5. The extracted folder will contain two files. Please open MAC-ID.cmd

Obtaining a MAC Address

6. This will have generated a Text file called MAC-ID.txt on the local desktop. Please send this file to support

Obtaining a MAC Address

For further information or support, please contact [email protected] or submit a support ticket.