Often users install CATIA without documentation as this speeds up the installation process. You can install CATIA Documentation after CATIA has already been installed, but there are a couple of settings which are required to be set afterwards.

The documentation can be installed on each individual machine or on a shared location e.g. on a server. We recommend that if there are a large number of CATIA users, then installing on a shared location would be best suited.

Having the CATIA Documentation files installed allows the user to access the help files through CATIA. The Help files provide documentation on basic tasks, advanced tasks, glossaries, customisation (toolbars, standards and settings) and more.

Installing CATIA V5 Documentation Image 1

If the documentation is all set up correctly to access it, simply either press F1 or Help > CATIA V5 Help

Installing CATIA V5 Documentation Image 2

If you are unsure how to set up the documentation for CATIA, please submit a support ticket.