1. Head over to software.3ds.com and login to your Dassault Systèmes account using your credentials.
  2. Use the interactive banner to select which product/program you wish to install. Simply click on the desired product.Downloading-media-faq-image-2
  3. Use the drop-down arrows to filter the Release, Level and any Hot Fix(es) for the media.NOTE: Before Hot Fixes/Service Packs can be installed, ensure you have installed the GA code (Golden Level).Downloading-media-faq-image-3
  4. Further filter down Type, Operating System and Language using the pane located on the right hand side.Downloading-media-faq-image-4
  5. Once you have filtered down to the desired media, click on the ‘blue download’ icon.
  6. This will then appear in your downloads folder as a zipped folder.

For further information on the downloaded media please visit ‘Creating a Complete Install Folder from Part Downloads of Dassault Systèmes Products‘ page.

For guide on installing CATIA, please click here.

For further information or support, please contact [email protected] or submit a support ticket.