Mechatronics in the Age of Digital Transformation

This Webinar will provide you with essential information about the challenges and upcoming trends within the Mechatronics Industry. Benefit from the expert guidance of TECHNIA Business Consultant, Blake Herman and our Global software partner (High-Tech Expert), Louis Feinstein from Dassault Systèmes.

What topics will be included?

  • Welcome
  • We are in a new world of consumer experiences – our customers have higher demands
  • The challenge to get a smart product development with all its expected capabilitieswith the expected level of service and quality, on time and on budget
  • Connecting the dots – break down silos between Mechanical, Electronics, and Management for speed  and visibility
  • Global reach – how do you ensure that the products you develop can be sold in international markets?
  • High Tech product development can’t live with walls and silos, it has to become a true colloborative multidiscipline environment
  • New High Tech systems, new technological challenges
  • From requirements to functional, to logical and all the way to the physical view of an object
  • Q&A

Challenges in the Mechatronics Industry!

Amongst all industries, the Mechatronics industry might have had the biggest impact on your daily life for the past 50 years. Smartphones, notebooks, computers, cars, stereo equipment, Robotics, EV – many of those products became an irreplaceable part of our everyday life and are being developed continuously.

We are well aware of the challenges within this industry:

  • Engineering Collaboration – Speed up your innovation journey from concepts to customer-ready products.
  • Make & Track Rapid Changes – Rapidly make and track changes to assure faster delivery than competitors on the market.
  • Limited Resources – Bring more products to market & prevent project delay with limited development resources & budget.

To resolve these problems, High-Tech companies need a structured development process and the possibility to collaborate and exchange product data with partners. These challenges are very important and require constant attention. At TECHNIA, we have over 30 years of experience, and work with world leading Telecom & Electronics companies such as Ericsson, Nokia, and Sony Ericsson etc. These companies are already realizing the value in PLM.

Why PLM?

Companies that get PLM right uncover profit-driving advantages that go far beyond product development. PLM has proven its value for many TECHNIA customers, showing that ROI potential is offering a real business benefit.

Join us for our Evolution within the Mechatronics Industry Webinar.

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