New for 2022!

The Simulation Innovation Forum (SIMIF) is evolving into a series of bite sized simulation events.

Watch this webinar to discover how choosing SOLIDWORKS powered by the 3DEXPERIENCE platform & SIMULIA to assess design performance, can accelerate product development cycles and fosters innovation.

About This Event

The traditional engineering design process positioned testing as one of the final tasks of the project plan, just before our final milestone. This was understandable when physical testing was expensive, and we needed a potentially sacrificial prototype of our design to test. Failure at this point leaves limited time, budget and design freedom to rectify any identified shortcomings.

MODSIM urges the philosophy of ‘test early, test often’.  Through this series of webinars we will embrace this and demonstrate how businesses can benefit from the MODSIM philosophy.

This webinar covers the below topics:

  • How to Enhance Collaboration Using the Platform
  • Benefits of SIMULIA over SOLIDWORKS simulation
  • Assessing Design Performance Criteria
  • Design Exploration & Optimisation
  • Structural Performance – Linear Static and Non-Linear
  • Component Durability – Fatigue

Who should watch

Professional Design Engineers, Simulation Engineers. Anyone involved in new product development is welcome.

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Meet the Speakers

Andrew Steel

Andrew Steel

Barry Chatham

Barry Chatham

Pre-Sales Technical Manager

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