How can your business remain compliant in vehicle geometry with the latest international standards?

In our latest TECHNIA Software webinar on demand, Arnd Feye, product owner of LiteCar will take you on a journey of vehicle homologation.

We will address the impact of international standards (GTR and Euro NCAP) and how implementing LiteCar based on JT ensures your business remains compliant.

The bonus section will include:

– A high-level overview of CAVA functionality
– Why TECHNIA have amassed over 15+ years of experience in this field
– And why it’s so widely supported by over 50+ O.EMs.


Webinar Agenda / Highlights

• Introduction to Vehicle Homologation
• Overview of CAVA functionality
• Presentation of LiteCar features


Viewing Time: 38 mins


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Hosted by Arnd Feye
Product Manager

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