TECHNIA have an intimate understanding of component development and the associated tooling, through our experiences within our own successful engineering business. With a diverse international customer base, TECHNIA typically, though not exhaustively, support Mold Tooling, Press Tooling, Cast Tooling, CNC Machining, Jigs & Fixtures, Testing and Inspection.

Mold Tooling

Typically, the majority of the tool design process is carried out using compatible variants of CATIA V5 / 3DEXPERIENCE and the advanced mold manufacturing module to automate and standardize the bolster and mold base components, offering industry best practice if required. TECHNIA provide a comprehensive components & tooling service; from offering an expert or specialist partner, to supporting engagement and winning new business, through to activities associated with service and maintenance. Our use of the very latest PLM engineering software enables us to offer a service that can replicate the entire design, test and operation of mold in a life-like virtual 3D environment so that issues can be illuminated before the costly production of a physical mold begins.

Press Tooling

Producing quality press tools requires detailed knowledge of the pressing process, including how to create functional, accurate presses that deliver the end users requirement for accuracy and tool life. The pressing process itself creates its own issues; safely and accurately loading blank material, consistently pressing to produce components that meet the operational design intent and the safe removal of the pressed product and disposal of waste. Simulation & Analysis processes work hand in hand with the design process to ensure the pressing process is successful and that the final pressed product meets end user requirements.

Cast Tooling

Producing quality casting tools requires a detailed knowledge of the various casting processes (including Pattern Design, Sand Casting, Gravity Die, High Pressure Die Casting and Investment Casting). It also requires an understanding of how to create functional and accurate tooling that delivers the end users requirement for accuracy and minimises the down line production hardening, machining, drilling and finishing processes. Simulation & Analysis processes work hand in hand with the design process to ensure the casting process is successful and that the final cast part meets end user requirements simulating material flow around the mold and allowing for material shrinkage during cooling. The advent of 3D printed patterns, using paper for example, as the print material offer some unique opportunities to industries that utilise the casting process. TECHNIA is well placed to take advantage of these new developments.

CNC Machining

Many clients experience fluctuating workload demand, often when projects start and finish. Nowhere is this more evident than in CNC programming. In high value, low volume sectors like aerospace, the ratio of CNC programming to production machining time is unusually biased towards CNC programming. This can often result in peak loading, resulting in downtime for the machine tool. TECHNIA offer a service where our clients use our CNC engineers to generate NC programmes for 3-5 axis machines. We adopt our client’s environment and methodologies based on their tooling library and machine parameters, providing a seamless extension to our clients existing capability.

Jigs & Fixtures

TECHNIA use jigs & fixtures extensively within the development and manufacturing areas of our own engineering business. Typically the jigs & fixtures are used to move and position heavy or potentially dangerous equipment, within assembly and manufacturing processes, for component testing and whole product cycle and durability testing. Our experience covers electronic & electrical components and systems, electromechanical and mechanical products of varying complexity and size (e.g. passenger aircraft wing assembly and manipulation jig). We utilise our design and analysis experience predominately, however should you require support with designing and automating your manufacturing environment we use Dassault Systèmes’ DELMIA software to virtualise the entire manufacturing process right down to simulated maintenance activities with life-size mannequins.

Testing & Inspection

TECHNIA use design, simulation and analysis to create test, jigs and fixtures that confirm predicted operational performance throughout the expected life of the product, where defect prevention is a key focus. We offer a range of services that employ GD&T principles and create environments that help to ensure predictable quality output from your design. In addition, we also support the development of functionality and geometry test jigs, fixtures and test beds. As part of our work, TECHNIA are often required to ensure that a customer’s product meets the criteria it was designed for, either as an end of line check or as part of the production checking process. This includes:

  • Functionality: Creating test equipment that evaluates the product parameters. Often electronically controlled with a sensor based system providing the operator with a clear acceptance or rejection response.
  • Geometry: Either in the form of a single item or an assembly, jigs that provide a GO / NO GO response or a defined measurement based upon a customer requirement.

TECHNIA (formerly Intrinsys) were commissioned to design a large quantity of flex form tools, the traditional approach would have been to assign a large number of engineers to the task. Instead, the TECHNIA approach was to generate a CATIA Knowledge Based Template, which would be used to automate the creation task.

Why Choose TECHNIA?

As the enabling software environment improves with the ability of suppliers to collaborate interactively with OEM design, TECHNIA are ideally placed to provide value based services that help win business for suppliers and improve their profitability and long term customer retention.

Up-to-date with the latest software and best practice processes, TECHNIA are able to own an entire project or support with the provision of experienced engineering resources. With our ‘Flex Resource’ option, TECHNIA can deliver services within a defined PLM environment for repeatable and predictable services delivery.

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