When parts are often used and/or shared amongst many users, it is normally easier and tidier to store them as part of a structured catalogue. Default ISO catalogues are available with every CATIA V5 install but may not fit the needs of the designer/company.

May 24, 2016

The video below will explore how to create catalogues of standard parts, etc. using two methods:

  • Manually inserting individual parts into a catalogue
  • Using a design table to quickly insert multiple configurations of a single part into a catalogue

The second point mentioned above can be used in the following example:

If the user had designed a bolt where there were 100 iterations of it, but fundamentally it was the same (just some parameters changing here and there), it can be time consuming to manually create and insert all 100 parts into a catalogue. Therefore utilising the Design Table function, this tedious task can be the most quick and efficient way of compiling catalogues.