About the client

The Allgaier Group is a systems supplier for the international automotive industry.

What did TECHNIA do?

TECHNIA helped make model comparisons quicker and more reliable, with consistent documentation.

What were the results?

With specialist software developed by TECHNIA, Allgaier now ensures quick, efficient and 100% accurate model comparisons.

"In my view, the biggest advantage is that the conversion of data is usually completely eliminated."
- Katja Raindl, Technical Assistant, Allgaier Automotive

System supplier and lightweight construction specialists Allgaier Automotive are fastidious in all they do, and rightly so – the comparison of components and the manufacturing processes used both depend on the precise inspection of every bend, every edge and the position of every screw. xCompare, a specialist software developed by TECHNIA, ensures quick, efficient and 100% accurate model comparisons.

Long-standing partnership

Their partnership is well-established – the Allgaier Group company has been working with the PLM specialists at TECHNIA for over a decade now.

xCompare was recently rolled out throughout the international company. This software facilitates the comparison of CATIA V5, SMG and JT data, thus highlighting even the smallest of differences between two versions of a component or unit.

“What’s so special about xCompare is that it not only flags up geometrical changes, but immediately displays the CATIA element that has been changed. To do this, xCompare looks deep into the model, so that alterations to an attribute or structure can be seen straight away. So you can be sure that no change will be overlooked, no matter how small.”

– Arnd Feye, Product Manager, TECHNIA

Individual precise solution

Allgaier, leading innovators in sheet metal forming, had very clear ideas and stipulations about what the software should be capable of. What makes xCompare stand out from the crowd is that TECHNIA’s team of specialists adapt the software to precisely match the client’s specific requirements and can thus present an individually customised solution. Precision is the key word here as it is frequently the tiny adjustments that not only need to be taken into account, but above all, need to be accurately documented.

Efficient model comparisons and documentation

As a Technical Assistant, Katja Raindl works with xCompare on a daily basis and knows all about such pitfalls:

“In my opinion, the major advantage is that it completely does away with the need to convert data. As a rule, the data we receive from our clients is already in V5 format. For example, if we have an assembly made up of two parts with multiple rivets or screw connections, we can use xCompare to check immediately if a nut has been left out. This eliminates the need for all the steps related to converting data in one go and prevents conversion errors from occurring.”

– Katja Raindl, Technical Assistant, Allgaier Automotive

Using xCompare means that model comparisons are not only quicker, but, more importantly, are more reliable and are consistently documented. As has been done for Allgaier, all the functions and structures can be individually adapted to match the user’s needs and, thanks to the software’s intuitive operating controls, no additional training is required for new users.

“xCompare doesn’t miss a thing, Feye smiles, “even if two parts might look virtually identical at first glance.”

About Allgaier Automotive

System Supplier, Lightweight Manufacturing Specialist, and Innovative Trailblazer in the Field of Sheet Metal Forming

The Allgaier Automotive division defines itself as a system supplier for the international automotive industry. Accordingly, the division, which has locations in the south and east of Germany, in France, Mexico and China, has a global outlook that combines maximum flexibility with high quality standards, uniformly maintained all over the world. Find out more


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