The Client

Inhouse Tech’s bridge and civil structure designers work with the design, construction, and inspection of bridges, tunnels, industrial foundations and other heavy concrete structures.


How Does TECHNIA Help?

Inhouse Tech use TECHNIA Simulation software, BRIGADE/Standard and BRIGADE/Plus for their structural design calculations.


The Results

For almost 15 years, Inhouse Tech has been able to deliver high quality structural design aided by BRIGADE.


As a BRIGADE user for over 14 years, Max Fredriksson, Business Manager for the Bridge and Civil Structural engineering department at Inhouse Tech describes how BRIGADE is used at their company.

Inhouse Tech is an experienced BRIGADE client. Bridge and civil structure engineers at the company have been using BRIGADE/Plus since 2008 and BRIGADE/Standard since 2010.

As the requirements on bridge design simulations have been raised, Inhouse Tech has developed their skills and evolved. Today – and over the years – BRIGADE offers something that is essential for Inhouse Tech to be able to deliver to their customers.


Effective Handling of Simpler Bridges with BRIGADE/Standard

Today, BRIGADE/Standard is the most used BRIGADE software at Inhouse Tech. It’s simple, yet effective way of defining 3D models often makes it a first choice for younger bridge designers. At the same time, experienced users use it frequently over time, as it is also an effective tool when analyzing the most common types of road and railway concrete bridges.

In addition to the upside of the easy-to-use modeling concept, the included predefined loads, vehicles, and load combinations in accordance with the design codes (Eurocode) makes the work to setup a complete analysis model efficient. The traffic load management is a key feature that makes Inhouse Tech continue to choose BRIGADE.

Advanced Analyses with BRIGADE/Plus

For more complex structural designs, or analytically advanced assignments, BRIGADE/Plus is used frequently. Inhouse Tech has over the years been involved in structural design projects for railway bridges for high-speed trains, which require structural dynamic analyzes to be carried out during the design. For those type of projects, BRIGADE/Plus has been Inhouse Tech’s given choice of simulation tool to arrive at a successful design. In the same way as for BRIGADE/Standard, the traffic load management is a key feature also in BRIGADE/Plus.

With the general modelling concept in BRIGADE/Plus, Inhouse Tech can analyze more than just bridges. It is for example recurrently used within their structural engineering department to analyze building foundations for industry facilities and other types of structures.

Inhouse Tech also takes on advanced detailed investigations and review assignments, for which BRIGADE/Plus has proven to be a suitable simulation tool. In one project, Inhouse Tech utilized the scripting capability in BRIGADE/Plus to make a parametric study to investigate the interaction between rail and bridge for a new bridge design concept. The study was successful and there will most likely be further investigations of the kind.

Looking Ahead

The bridge and civil structure department at Inhouse Tech has been growing steadily over the years, and so has their use of BRIGADE. When Max Fredriksson looks ahead, he sees a good future for Inhouse Tech with involvement in many infrastructure projects –  structural designs for bridges, and much more – where BRIGADE will play an important role.


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