About the client

Haglöfs is an outdoor equipment brand founded in 1914 in Sweden by Wiktor Haglöf.

What did TECHNIA do?

Haglöfs invested in a Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) system with TECHNIA in 2006, as one part of their strategic plan to enable their future expansion.

What were the results?

Since partnering with TECHNIA, Haglöfs has seen “drastically enhanced productivity” and cost savings totalling €30,000 per year.

“The TECHNIA Value Component (TECHNIA Software) package for the Apparel Industry together with ENOVIA V6 has drastically enhanced our productivity” 
Johnny Claus, Product Director, Haglöfs

With a track record of an average growth rate of 18% since late 80’s, Haglöfs faced a tough task to be able to deliver on their targets, in the rough economic circumstances. But once again they delivered a growth of close to 20% with a profit of 11% – a great achievement in these tough times.

TECHNIA tools for improved efficiency

Haglöfs invested in a Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) system in 2006, as one part of their strategic plan to enable their future expansion. The selected partner on this journey was TECHNIA, one of the leading PLM solution providers in Europe and the Americas. The solution is based on the ENOVIA Apparel Accelerator and complemented by TECHNIA tools for improved efficiency, called TECHNIA Software.

Their packaged productivity enhancers TVC

In 2009 Dassault Systèmes, the world leading PLM supplier and owner of the ENOVIA product, launched their new ENOVIA V6 platform.

“Our strategy is to keep up with the development of the tools we use to ensure that we can get the most out of our investment”, says Viktoria Norén, Sourcing & Production manager and owner of the PLM system at Haglöfs. “TECHNIA upgraded our system to ENOVIA V6 and the latest version of their packaged productivity enhancers TVC (TECHNIA Software).”

One week after the go-live of the upgraded system the results were obvious:

“The TECHNIA Value Component (TECHNIA Software) package for the Apparel Industry together with ENOVIA V6 has drastically enhanced our productivity” continues Viktoria.

“The spontaneous reaction from my colleagues came directly. The system is much faster and the usability has drastically improved. For example, just creating measurement charts has improved over 5 times compared with before the upgrade. Only this efficiency improvement generates savings of over 300 000 SEK/year. Not to mention the BOM management that has improved significantly”

“I’m really happy with the effort and dedication TECHNIA has put into this. Their knowledge in PLM and guidance in the project was very important to make this successful. The upgrade to ENOVIA V6 truly delivers business value, helping us in our continued expansion” concludes Johnny Claus.

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