Composite materials offer the ultimate solution for durable and lightweight structures, but as ever the materials are being pushed to the limit.

Yacht racing is a sport for the rich and on a world stage, it is the equivalent of Formula 1 on water. With the push for ever faster yachts, comes the demand for lightweight structures and to support this the use of composites has become a key feature.

TECHNIA (formerly Intrinsys) were approached by a client to evaluate and critique the design of a composite mast to meet the harsh environment of the open oceans. Using ABAQUS, TECHNIA’s analysis engineers were able to replicate the ply lay-up construction and ply drop off and verify the simulation, correlated with a real-life failure.

From the results, our engineers were able to advise our client on the optimisation of the design and the safe working limits. With the use of the CATIA composite module which has a module to define the draping parameters, TECHNIA were able to provide a manufacturing ply-book to fully define the full production process.

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