The up-and-coming specialist machine manufacturer from Tyrol offers robot and automation systems, collaborative robot solutions and process optimization for existing systems.






The young company was looking for a flexible, scalable CAD solution that also enabled powerful simulation and image processing, efficient collaboration and mobile working.






3DEXPERIENCE on Cloud is a hit for automation.eXpress – ready to use, high-performance, cost-efficient and flexible.





“The TECHNIA team in Austria and Germany provided us with the utmost support during implementation. And they are continuing to help us with the onboarding of new employees. Scalability and flexibility are essential factors for us. The 3DEXPERIENCE platform offers both.”
Daniel Schöpf | Managing Director of automation.eXpress GmbH






An Impressive Startup in Industrial Equipment Construction

automation.eXpress GmbH, AX for short, is a young Austrian player in special machine construction. This industrial equipment startup has been offering holistic automation solutions since September 2021.

Both design and manufacture take place under one roof. The focus of the fifteen-strong team is initially on metal processing, with other sectors to follow in the near future. AX seems to have struck a chord with its business model, and the order books are full after just a few months. There are even first follow-up orders. Strong growth can be expected in the coming years.

Company founder and managing director Daniel Schöpf previously worked in the automotive industry for a long time and was responsible for the handling and support of international automation projects. Based on his experience and his expectations for the future, it was clear to him from the start. “We rely on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform from Dassault Systèmes.”

A startup like AX needs a functioning CAD system “by day two at the latest” in order to attract potential customers, to be able to convince. The close partnership with TECHNIA has existed ever since. “The team in Austria and Germany gave us a lot of support during the implementation and continues to help with the onboarding of new employees,” praises Daniel Schöpf.

The inexpensive start-up package is a stimulating prospect, with an annual license of 500 euros per user. “It does get more expensive after three years. But if you haven’t made it by then, maybe you should change your business model anyway,” says the entrepreneur. As of June 2022, there are six users at AX, further recruitment is planned. “Scalability and flexibility are key factors for us. The platform offers both.”

Daniel Schöpf is particularly enthusiastic about the possibility of being able to present realistic models at an early stage. “With the help of 3DEXPERIENCE, we are able to show potential customers the future system even before the order is placed – and not with simple sketches or PowerPoint presentations.” Processes can be simulated virtually, which improves sustainability by reducing resource consumption, and cutting costs.

According to the company founder, the positive effect of the platform internally, on the company’s own staff, cannot be overestimated. “For me, it is important to get as many employees as possible connected to a good system. Otherwise, everyone builds their own isolated solution and after a short time no one can see through it anymore. This is exactly what we wanted to avoid.”

3DEXPERIENCE provides all Dassault Systèmes brands (CATIA, ENOVIA, SIMULIA, DELMIA etc.). With its variety of software solutions, it is an ideal platform not only for production, but also for development, marketing, and sales. It is estimated that AX is currently only using 20 percent of the possibilities of the solution. “But we see the huge potential,” emphasizes construction manager Andreas Schmid.

Article numbers and Bills of Materials have not yet been stored, but connection to the ERP system is still pending. “These are the big issues of the near future.” TIF, the TECHNIA Integration Framework, is ideal for this. Using this interface, all parts data of a system can be transferred to the ERP system. “That will be the next step.”

The Ideal Platform for Ambitious Startups

The 3DEXPERIENCE platform can be used on premise as well as in the cloud. AX has opted for the cloud solution. This means that all software updates can be carried out with one click, the storage capacity can be increased as required and new colleagues can be connected to the system in no time at all.

In addition, compared to the on-premise solution, it improves cost and environmental efficiency by reducing infrastructure and energy per user requirements. “Everyone in the team is very satisfied, not least because of the convenient option of working from home.” Most of the employees were already familiar with 3DEXPERIENCE. Daniel Schöpf has also worked successfully with it in the past. “You get the picture quickly and can get started – without being an IT guru,” he says of the platform’s user-friendliness.