Why Use Function-Driven Generative Designer or Topology Optimization?

Generative Designer

Generative Design is the automatic process of generating a design concept from a set of performance requirements and design rules. It uses an algorithm to generate every design concept possible within a range of parameters and enables designers to choose the best outcome.

These days, there are a few software tools available in the market that offer Generative Design. In this blog, we’ll take a look at the Generative Design tool from Dassault Systèmes to help you decide which works best for you.

Ease of Use

With a guided menu – like a traffic light – the Function-Driven Generative Designer is built for design engineers of all qualifications.

Generative Designer app

Design for manufacturing

Create geometry from the optimized mesh

Most topology optimization tools generate an optimized mesh that cannot be replicated easily for use in design due to the coarse mesh it generates. So, users frequently either spend days trying to correct the imported STL file or start the design from scratch based on the optimized outline. But, with this tool, a click of a button converts the optimized mesh into geometry – saving lots of time wasted in exporting and importing and limitations associated with it.

Trade off study

Comparing different design concepts

An automatic tool to help engineers compare different optimization scenarios is very useful for tracking a particular parameter when changing geometry. A useful report can then be generated and shared with your team.

Generative Designer


Within the same environment

This is probably the most catching feature where the coarse mesh is transformed quickly into a smooth geometry using the advance re-surfacing toolset from within the same environment. This must offer the biggest saving in time when it comes to benefiting from the optimized mesh.

Generative Designer app

Structural or fluid flow optimization

Under one roof

We’ve heard about structural optimization. But very rarely do we hear about fluid flow channel optimization to reduce pressure drops. This has been recently introduced within the same toolset making it easier for designers to use for both structural and fluid flow.

Generative Design app

Dealing with assemblies

Rather than just parts

This function helps to reduce the weight of assemblies.

Generative Designer app

In Our Experience…

With everything in one place, using the same database and managed (for traceability and other PLM tasks) by the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, there’s no need to purchase more than one tool to do the job.

When compared with other standalone commercial tools, it would be easier to collaborate and share with other roles within the company (e.g. project managers, designers/stress engineers, manufacturing engineers, managers, etc) as an integrated secure solution available on premise or cloud.

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