New, small and medium-sized businesses need to operate within a limited financial budget and grow as quickly as possible. One major consideration in initial budgeting needs to be that of software installation – whether this should be On Premise or On Cloud.

Why Cloud PLM?

You needn’t concern yourself with the cost of server procurement, maintenance and a dedicated IT infrastructure with IT administrators in your initial outlay. Because Cloud PLM vendors can have you up and running in hardly any time at all, providing instant scalability options to make sure that your organisation is unrestricted in its most essential growth period.

With that said, many Start-ups still think Product Lifecycle Management is a solution reserved for large enterprises. So, before you write PLM off as too much of a strain on your resources, let’s look at some long-term advantages that will make sure you see a sizable return on your investment.


All manufacturers feel the rush to get their product to market before the competition. But, for your Start-up, this can be the difference between making-it on the cutting edge and being on the chopping block.

PLM helps you to stay ahead of the competition by providing a real-time, single source of truth. So that everyone in your organisation has the access they need to the information they need. And with Cloud, they can log in at any time, from anywhere, on any device.

Agile Development

In your most vulnerable period as a business, it’s vital that you’re in touch with every organisational development. PLM helps you to stay in control of each development and production process as you navigate your way through growing pains on the path to profit.

No one expects new businesses to reinvent the wheel. But if that’s your vision, then the powerful tools and capabilities of Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE platform help you to realise your vision. From design to simulation, manufacture and repurposing – PLM provides sustainable solutions for both your product and your business.

Cost Effectiveness

Keeping costs down while you’re still operating on initial funding can be a real challenge. Using PLM data analysis to keep a close eye on product development phases can help you to avoid any unnecessary, costly mistakes. And allowing employees the freedom to work remotely can bolster morale, and empower collaboration. Meanwhile, clearly defined, easily accessible processes and workflows help everyone to keep track of essential information.

Final Thoughts

Organisations have traditionally believed that On-Premise installations provide a higher degree of administrative freedom and security. But, we’ve already discussed some of the common misconceptions around Cloud security. And most Cloud PLM vendors are able to provide options for Hybrid Cloud implementations.

The real question for your Start-up is how to maximise overall efficiency on a budget, while ensuring that profit growth isn’t restricted by organisational limitations. Cloud PLM provides the ideal solution for Start-ups looking to turn their product vision into long term, real world value.

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