The Easy Way to ENOVIA Collaboration

Do most of your conversations happen in your email inbox? Wouldn’t it be better to easy and fast discuss products directly in your ENOVIA application with your colleagues?

Do most of your conversations happen in your email inbox? Wouldn’t it be better to easy and fast discuss products directly in your ENOVIA application with your colleagues?

Collaboration is a set of features that enable users to collaborate around ENOVIA data in various ways. Users can with the help of a modern and user-friendly UI engage in discussions around one or more objects in the system. And with the help of instant notifications, they always up do date on what is being discussed and are able to quickly add replies to a discussion.

All data at the same place

A lot of the daily communication for system users is normally done through emails. The reason for that is that earlier there was no good way of handling this in the system.

A downside of using emails is that you handle the communication in one application and have all the data in another. But when using TVC Collaboration you can have the communication where it should be, together with the data in the system. And in this way you will always keep track of the discussions, they are not lost in the user’s mail applications.

Features that make life easy

Collaboration is in many ways effective but some of my favorite features are:

Instant Notifications

Allows the users to quickly get updated on new discussions and replies to existing ones.

instant message enovia

EXALEAD Powered Filters

EXALEAD powered filters is a great way of configuring how to load discussions and also allows the users to quickly filter among them. And all with the great speed of EXALEAD!

enovia exalead filter


The inbox gives the users a great overview of all discussions they are participating in and a way to very quickly make a reply.

enovia inbox messages

Communicate with everyone in ENOVIA

A number of customers are currently on its way to roll out this functionality in their systems. We have gotten a really good response and look forward to having more customers installing and benefitting from this functionality during the coming months.

We have put a lot of effort into this component since we made the first release over a year back. Each new release has added more new features, improved existing functionality and added more configurability. It has matured a lot since the first release and we look forward to add even more features in the coming releases.

All ENOVIA installations could benefit highly from installing and using the Collaboration component.

It enables users of all different roles to collaborate freely in a way that wasn’t possible before. And since the product development team felt that this functionality was something that everyone could appreciate we decided to make Collaboration a part of Value Components Core. This means it is freely available to anyone that has an existing installation of Value Components.

If you are an existing TECHNIA (TechniaTranscat) customer you can simply download the latest release of Value Components from products.oldtechnia.local. The administration guide contains information on server/client requirements and details on how to install it.

You can watch a 3 and a half minute preview of a webinar about Collaboration below.

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Anders Lundström
Product Developer
Anders has 7 years of PLM experience working with customers from different industries.