This article was originally published online in Swedish by Dagens Industri.

“Being able to verify and validate products and processes digitally before entering a production phase results in less physical prototypes, better production quality and faster time to market. This is an essential part of Product Lifecycle Management, and it increases the sustainability in many aspects of our business,”

Fredrik Karlsson, Group Leader Manufacturing Engineering & Digital Manufacturing Lead | Koenigsegg

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The Swedish technology company, TECHNIA, has initiated a strategic partnership with the supercar manufacturer Koenigsegg. The focus is to step fully into the digitized world of manufacturing by utilizing the 3DEXPERINCE platform, from the French company Dassault Systèmes.

TECHNIA has a dedicated business area devoted to Manufacturing whose strengths are now being used.

This domain is covered by DELMIA, the part of 3DEXPERIENCE that is used to support modeling, planning and execution of all types of production operations.

“We can offer a complete solution to the customer. We completely cover the whole DELMIA solution suit.”

André Jönsson, Director Manufacturing Center of Excellence | TECHNIA

Digital Twin – A Virtual Copy

The partnership with Koenigsegg applies the concepts of digital twin and digital continuity. A digital twin is a virtual representation of a physical object or system and the environment it’s contained in. While digital continuity refers to the holistic use of data from one single source.

“When Manufacturing Engineering work in 3DEXPERIENCE we are utilizing the same source of data as Design Engineering. This results in a less complicated IT-infrastructure, and it facilitates cross functional activities which makes it possible to optimize both product and process development – from Design Engineering all the way to Production Operations.”

Emil Månsson, Manufacturing Engineer | Koenigsegg

TECHNIA see that Koenigsegg can increase value on the already invested time and energy from Design Engineering.

“Koenigsegg started to digitize their design processes and product development early on. Now they can utilize this data and refine the information in downstream processes, specifically Manufacturing. This will generate a great value add. Working in a common platform with integrated business processes will increase possibilities to optimize the flow of information. Koenigsegg have already invested time and energy in creating and maintaining the data on the engineering side and now they can utilize that investment in the downstream processes. That’s what sustainability is all about.”

André Jönsson, Director Manufacturing Center of Excellence | TECHNIA

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Koenigsegg Will Increase Sustainability

With the help of these tools, Koenigsegg are looking to increase the sustainability of their operations, something a lot of companies are currently striving for. Creating digital twins will reduce the need for physical prototypes. This is in line with Koenigsegg’s strategy since they are planning to build a new factory with increased capacity to be able to offer more models and a higher production volume. There are savings to be made on multiple levels, like logistics, lead times, equipment and energy consumption.

“By using 3DEXPERIENCE, Koenigsegg can reduce many steps within product and process development. In the end, this is a valuable part of sustainability for us.”

Fredrik Karlsson, Group Leader Manufacturing Engineering & Digital Manufacturing Lead | Koenigsegg

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