From Fashion-by-hand to PLM Apparel – A Witness to Textiles’ Digitization

TECHNIA Senior Business Consultant Birgitta Fordyce reflects on how fashion production has evolved from faxed designs to integrated IT.

Why Your Business Needs to Embrace Digital Transformation

Why your business needs to embrace digital transformation, and how digital twinning saved NASA from a multimillion-dollar disaster.

Common Misconceptions Around Cloud Security

Have your feet on the ground while your business is in the cloud.

7 Reasons to Move Your PLM to the Cloud

7 reasons to move your PLM to the cloud, and why cloud PLM will fundamentally change the manufacturing landscape.

Keeping up with Changing Customer Behavior

In just a few years, the Consumer & Retail industry has undergone nothing short of a paradigm shift. At the same time as e-commerce groups like Amazon continue to eat up the market share of the more traditional retailers –…

Be the Change Before it Changes You

The ability to swiftly process information and embrace change is considered to be the greatest make-or-break in today’s cut-throat business climate. This is why TechniaTranscat has made these processes the heart of its business, ensuring companies in any industry a…

Trends in Software Consultancy: PLM Usage and Demand Boosts Results

As the demand for PLM-solution increases, increases and differs the demand for technology consultancy. This continuing trend enabled Addnode Group to increase its annual revenues in 2017. By establishing a unified and strong brand TECHNIA though acquisitions, Addnode is one…

PLM Magazine 2017 – Online Version

Read the latest issue of PLM Magazine right here in your browser, if you prefer you can also download the magazine as a PDF.

PLM Innovation Forum Insights: There is Hope for the Construction Industry

In one industry after another, cost of production keeps going down, thanks to new technology. Yet, there is one notable exception: the construction industry.

Many Companies Don´t See the Opportunities of Digitalization

As digitalization paves the way for completely new business models and innovations, many traditional companies are struggling to keep up with the pace of change. Leif Östling, Chairman of the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise and former CEO of Scania, discussed…

5 to Follow – Important Trends in Engineering

The engineering world is an ever changing environment with new developments influencing key decisions and practices. Here are five important trends that your engineering business needs to know about today. Industry 4.0 Hundreds of years ago, almost all industrialized nations went…

How to Boost the Construction Industry

Digitalization, product design, lean processes, and high tech systems are transforming aviation, apparel, life science, and other industries at a fast pace, but one sector is lagging notably behind - Construction.

Disruptive Technologies: Paradigm Shift in Engineering

Coming up with intelligent engineering strategies in partnership

How Digitalization Will Change the Construction Industry

The construction industry, although innovative and professional, has a history of delays and over-budget projects. However, its reputation for being inefficient may be changing thanks to digitalization. 

CadMakers use 3DEXPERIENCE to help bring sophisticated simulation to the construction industry

It's no secret that the construction industry has struggled to keep up when it comes to adapting new technologies like 3D modelling and simulation. The innovative team behind CadMakers Virtual Construction have found a solution to that problem – by…

What if Tesla Started to Build Houses?

Imagine if companies such as Tesla went into the construction industry, how would they change the way you build houses and infrastructure?

Master These 5 Challenges of Industry 4.0 to Transform Your Business

Investment in digitalization, also known as industry 4.0, is crucial for companies with growth ambitions in today’s tough business climate. When digitalization becomes one of the top priorities for a company, it will most probably also become one of the…

Lasting Customer Loyalty Thanks to Outstanding Added Value

ProductInUse is the first solution for a proactive, fact-based partnership between customer and manufacturer. By providing specific information, production output can continuously be increased and maintenance costs can be reduced.

Make the virtual factory a reality

Faster product development, greater customer satisfaction and more efficient production. With modern PLM systems, the industry can now start tapping into the unlimited potential of a truly digital organization.

The Quest for Customer Loyalty

One of the biggest challenges for a machine manufacturer is to maintain a strong customer relationship even after a warranty expires. But in this new era of digitalization, suppliers can use modern solutions to offer continued support that will boost the…

Petra Sundström, Husqvarna: With IoT, don’t adopt a strategy of wait and see

"IoT is a technology that will completely transform our industry." This bold prediction was made by Petra Sundström, Senior Project Manager of the Internet of Things project of the Husqvarna Group, an international leader in construction, forestry, consumer gardening as…

Www, search, e-commerce, social, and now – Internet of Things

Internet of Things (IoT) can be qualified as the “internet of usage”. It comes as the 5th wave of the internet. Starting with an internet of protocol, the first wave was made to connect PC to PC. Then came the…