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Back in April, members of TECHNIA’s team attended the F3 Cup Season Launch at the Telford Innovation Campus of the University of Wolverhampton.

The venue is part of a substantial investment made by the University. The development bids to reinvigorate the Engineering Industry at a grassroots level, engaging students in creative, activity-based and live industrial work.

On the night of the Season Launch, the UWRacing (University of Wolverhampton Racing) team and their engineers revealed the latest developments to their F3 racing car.

The UWRacing team have placed three times in the last three years, including their 3P trophy at the end of the F3 Cup 2018 Season. And the University engineers are persistent, working hard to design and refine the newest model and, this year, they hope to go that bit further.

As the only University team to be competing in the MSVR F3 Cup, the Wolverhampton Student Engineers are proven futurists excelling at a professional level. But they are not quick to forget the support they receive from the University, and sponsors alike.

“Without their support we would be unable to compete in this high-end motorsport series. The skills, knowledge and experience I have gained is invaluable to the progression of my career in Motorsport.”

– Andrew Down, Motorsport Engineering Student and Head F3 Data Engineer.

After the Summer break, we joined the UWRacing team again. At Silverstone, driver Shane Kelly held second position and managed to secure the fastest lap point.

But, the UWRacing team found that they had some work still to do if they were going to chase Cian Carey down by the end of the season.

University Racing at Competition Level

Chasing down that elusive F3 Cup title

This year’s F3 Cup title fight was characteristically close, with Kelly battling right down to the final weekend at Snetterton, Norfolk. The traditional, English weather blighted several race days with wet tracks, but Kelly and the UWRacing team were dogged in their chase for pole position throughout.

The UWRacing team took fourth place overall – a mere forty-three points behind Team Fox Racing. But, with some well-educated technical direction and tire-changes from the UWRacing pit crew, Kelly finished the season with the second place driver’s trophy and only two non-finishes.

With the accolades that UWRacing are accumulating, we regularly find ourselves forgetting that this is a University team. But with the University of Wolverhampton’s commitment to tomorrow’s engineers it shouldn’t be any kind of surprise that their students’ have developed so far ahead of the competition.

The Importance of UK Engineering Students

Putting the right tools in the right hands

With Engineering UK estimating an annual shortfall of 59,000 UK trained Engineers, it is all the more inspirational to see a UK University going above and beyond to support the industry.

For our part, another investment that helps to put these students miles ahead of the competition is their access to, and training in, the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.

Dassault Systemes’ 3DEXPERIENCE is the industry standard for Transport & Mobility PLM and having access to the software through Academia is an invaluable asset to any Engineering student.

The knowledge and experience accumulated, during years study with this technology at hand, serves as an accelerant on their entry into the professional landscape.

Final Thoughts

TECHNIA are proud to train and support students at the University of Wolverhampton throughout the development of their Dallara F308 on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.

At TECHNIA, we believe that success stories are built from the ground up. And that, by providing support to academia, we’re not only producing tomorrow’s Engineering pioneers, but building relationships that ensure our shared values endure.

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