While remote working is nothing new to many of us, there are plenty of professionals working from home for the first time. So, we thought it would be useful to list some of our best health, productivity and wellbeing tips for remote working.

Keeping Your Home Office Separate

Leaving work at the office can be enough of a challenge these days.

With every glance at your phone becoming an unnecessary jump back into your inbox, it’s difficult to switch off. But literally bringing work home with you is an entirely different situation.

Try to keep your working space separate from your living space. Whether that means setting up a temporary desk during working hours, or transforming a spare room. Try to keep to office hours and pack everything away at the end of the working day. Doing so will help keep your productivity up and prevent you from becoming over stressed.

Eat Healthy, Take Breaks and Exercise

It’s easy to underestimate how far a regular commute can go toward getting your daily steps in.

Try to find different ways of getting your heart rate up at least a few times a day. If you can, take a morning and afternoon walk. If not, then make sure that you get up from your desk twice an hour to grab some water or put the kettle on.

Check out this guide to home office exercises that you can easily pick up and adjust to your own ability.

Planning Your Daily Tasks

Getting this done the night before helps you to feel ready for the day ahead

Making sure that you have your priorities set before you sit down at your desk can be as effective a productivity tool as any. And if you’re using a collaborative platform to share vital information among colleagues and customers, then this helps you to stay readily connected throughout your working day.

Organising Virtual Coffee Breaks

The most valued assets of any office are the people that come to work there

Trying to keep calm and carry on without the support network of your colleagues might sound like a daunting task. So, make the time each day to meet with your team for a virtual coffee break. It’s a great opportunity to check in on each other and casually catch up on any outstanding tasks.

In fact, there are plenty of ways for us to stay professionally connected during this period of social distancing. The PLMIF Virtual Experience is just one way that TECHNIA are maintaining collaboration between colleagues, customers and thought leaders.

Tuning in to Local Radio

Find a station that fits your rhythm and maintains your connection to the world around you

Not only should you stay connected with your colleagues, but it’s also important for you to foster a sense of community. Tuning into local radio stations can fill the void of background office noise, while keeping you up to date with the latest developments. Music is a well-documented mood and productivity enhancer. Listening to your favourite tracks can help you to blast through the toughest tasks in your to-do.

Coping With Distractions at Home

The conveniences of remote working can quickly become inconvenient if not handled correctly

Whether it’s your children, your pets, the TV, social media or loud neighbours, coping with distractions at home is a challenge that all remote workers face. The 3DEXPERIENCE platform has a whole host of productivity tools to help you maintain focus. And now you can even get your loved ones to join in on the fun with free SOLIDWORKS Apps for Kids.

Staying Safe Online When Remote Working

Follow Organisational Guidelines on Cyber Security Risks

The National Cyber Security Centre provides thorough guidance on Virtual Private Network (VPN) usage when remote working. But, most IT departments will support your remote working with industry standard security measures once you’re connected to your company’s VPN. And you can read more about this in our recent blog, “How to Work Remotely With Your Existing Dassault Systèmes Licenses”

How to Work Remotely With Your Existing Dassault Systèmes Licenses
How to Increase PLM User Acceptance and Accessibility
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