Reduce your Total Cost of Ownership with Hybrid Cloud PLM

Manufacturers opt for hybrid cloud PLM solution, gaining the benefits of cloud at a fraction of the cost.

Manufacturers opt for hybrid cloud PLM solution, gaining the benefits of cloud at a fraction of the cost.

Hybrid Cloud adoption is increasing. With the majority of a company’s applications and data currently sat on-premise, many prefer to maintain control of their security, data governance, data locality, and performance, something many companies fear public Cloud cannot cater for as a stand-alone solution. It does not demand the decommissioning or replacement of expensive and essential legacy hardware and code, meaning you can achieve the benefits of cloud at a fraction of the cost to your company, reducing your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and overall IT costs associated with PLM. With the ever-increasing, eye-watering sums spent on Public Cloud solutions, more and more manufacturers are opting for a Hybrid Cloud solution for Product Lifecycle Management (PLM).

Below, we’ve explored several ways in which a Hybrid Cloud solution can realise costs benefits for your company:

Infrastructure optimisation

The infrastructure of Hybrid Cloud PLM is significantly optimised in comparison to the traditional, expensive alternatives on offer today. There is no need to buy new hardware in order to update your infrastructure and fast implementation can occur without the need to outsource management. Not only will this save on energy and maintenance bills, but when the time comes to upgrade to new applications, you can do so easily at little to no extra cost.


Data is a priority for many businesses and Hybrid Cloud PLM removes the need to buy on-premise disk arrays for additional storage, creating the additional benefit of savings due to minimal management overhead. Keeping your data secure on-premise will avoid the risk of data loss meaning you won’t have to pay for more security.

Scalability at low cost

The flexibility offered by Hybrid Cloud PLM enables you to scale up or down at the lowest possible cost. Adapt your solution as required to meet your ever-changing business needs by purchasing storage and space as and when you need it, at a lower cost than adding additional data servers to on-premise systems.

Reduce IT consumption

Finally, the adoption of Hybrid Cloud PLM enables you to reduce your overall resource usage within your IT department. You can easily transfer workloads to the site with the lowest cost, be it on-premise or Cloud. This helps to avoid incurring expenses from outsourcing IT maintenance for new opportunities or from recovering from unplanned downtime.

Experience the benefits of a Hybrid Cloud PLM solution today

Hybrid Cloud provides a host of cost-saving benefits and will optimise the way in which your company operates, ensuring the latest industry best-practice is adopted throughout your PLM processes. Our services are designed to facilitate your adoption of Cloud PLM, whether it’s hosted on public cloud, private cloud, on-premise, or a combination – the choice is yours!

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