How Will You Find Your Unique Advantage in Big Data?


Take Advantage of all that Big Data

Since the emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the exponential growth of items producing data, discussions and thoughts of how organisations will adapt to locate their advantage in a future characterised by big data has been a heavily discussed topic on the internet. As we know, big data essentially is large volumes of data either structured, unstructured stored by organisations to manage, measure and analyse.

Within more recent times, more and more of our daily activities have shifted towards the internet. From communication, shopping and leisure, our data producing and connected activities have further increased the importance of big data for organizations that are collecting data about our daily habits, illustrating patterns of our behavior rather than beliefs. Big Data

Finding this competitive advantage in big data has become essential for organizations, where extra resources and funding have been placed to source, store and analyze big data. With near 2.5 quintillion bytes of data created each day, the potential for organizations that can transform this data into relevant information is significant.

Are you Capturing the Right Data?

However with the enormous amounts of data circulating within the internet, how can organizations ensure they are capturing the relevant data to maximize their growth and competitive advantage? Storing millions of data elements and analyzing each, can be time consuming even with today’s data analysis systems within CRM, EPR, and PLM. So how can large volumes of only relevant data be sourced by organizations?

While internet search platforms such as Google have been developed to be highly responsive due to being optimized to process and produce high volume of results within a second. However not all results of data produced can be attributed to be as relevant as they could be to a search query, certainly not insightful enough to drive innovation or act as a catalyst to solve critical engineering or commercial business problems.

What’s the potential solution? How can Big Data be Sourced to be more Relevant to Your Search?

Dassault Systèmes’ EXALEAD offers the opportunity for more refined search results, helping you to create more effective search criteria, and can be the solution to eliminating results that are not relevant to your search. The application is an intelligent big data solution which can search vast sources of data, identify prices and vendor information, in addition to engineering information stored in CAD drawings, data sheets and 3D Models from PLM.

Furthermore the capabilities EXALEAD offers to process, index and access billions of data elements of all types, obtain more relevant and valuable data from the IoT and more. EXALEAD presents the prospect for organisations to discover safely, effortlessly and cost-effectively benefit from big data, in essence to find their unique advantage.

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Miles Peart
Junior Marketing Executive