Following on from the successful live launch of PLMIF Virtual Experience, we at TECHNIA are busy bringing together customer feedback to better understand the situation you’re currently facing.

Business Must Go On

It’s thrilling to see that many of our customers are busy delivering the “new norm”, leveraging the capability of pre-existing engineering business systems. Then there are organisations operating on a reduced scale, feeling uncertain about the midterm and lacking the confidence to consider investment or technological solutions. But we also know that a few companies out there have decided a holding position is unsustainable – these are the companies that really need support during this period.

We know these states as Growth, Steady and Crisis periods. And because we’ve seen them before, we’ve the experience to support organisation through – whether you’re surviving, or thriving.


After the recent release of 3DEXPERIENCE On Cloud R2021x Dassault Systèmes have unveiled a bold, new offer to help support small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) adjust to new ways of working. This exciting offer is empowering business, operational and digital continuity for organisations with legacy 3DEXPERIENCE installations. With up to 50% off each role taking part in the Business Must Go On offering, this is precisely the relief that many businesses will be looking for.


After attending Gian Paolo Bassi’s inspirational presentation on the SOLIDWORKS 3DEXPERIENCE Strategy at PLMIF Virtual Experience, we’re in no doubt as to the powerful capability this new offering provides for design teams working collaboratively on cloud. With a strong portfolio of applications to help bring your teams together from remote locations to one virtual environment, SOLIDWORKS on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform is proving that we can still innovate together, even when we’re apart.


We recently covered the story of customers in China shifting their mindset towards leveraging cloud technologies to maintain business and innovation in a time of disruption. And how SIMULIA is being used to create safe hospital room environments. Now, more than ever, simulation technology is bringing remote workers together to tackle some incredible challenges. Now, this same technology is being used to create safe environments for personal and manufacturing applications.


While periods of disruption affect all industries differently, all organisations are in continuing need of planning and scheduling tools to help them through. Whether you’re comparing line scenarios in case of closure, reacting to unplanned shortages or scheduling the return to work. The questions may be different, but the process remains the same. Enable rapid decision support and plan your way to growth with DELMIA.

How Can TECHNIA Help?

CATIA V5 Launchpad

CATIA V5 Launchpad is a pre-packaged offering designed for SMEs using CATIA V5 to start enjoying the latest cloud PLM technology with minimal fuss. With a range of services that supplement core PLM functionalities and CATIA V5 utilities, CATIA V5 Launchpad is connecting users to CAD Data, documents and engineering processes from wherever they’re working.


PLM introductory package TECHNIA PLM FastTrack offers a safe and quick entry into the digital world of the innovative 3DEXPERIENCE platform to small and medium-sized enterprises.

The package includes a best-practice pre-configuration of the essential PLM/PDM topics in order to prepare a ready-to-use solution with minimal effort from the start and thus facilitate the customer’s entry into PLM. With a high degree of standardization of the pre-configured solution, individual project expenses are also reduced and the typical project risks are minimized.

Final Thoughts

Although we can’t say at this stage how far separated those customers leveraging engineering business systems to support the ‘new norm’ are from those operating in a reduced state – using VPN accessed or even local machine storage. It’s clear that businesses able to work remotely or leverage partnerships through connected systems are in a sound position despite the distressed market conditions and are well placed for growth.

Taking a wholesale step to implementing a PLM based Engineering Business System may be inconceivable at this point, but taking a first step may provide immediate benefits. A starting point is to implementing core collaboration tools to support remote, multisite and complex supply chains.

Begin by storing engineering business data on secure cloud based storage through 3D Drive. Create a collaborative environment or enable remote and distributed working through 3DSWYM. Once these tools are in place, collaborators from Design, Simulation, Project Management, Purchasing, Manufacturing Engineering and Manufacturing can have immediate access to the latest engineering and product data to ensure business continuity and effective product delivery.

A poll was taken on a recent customer engagement webinar by Dassault Systèmes which revealed:

  • 41.6% using file based storage via VPN
  • 23.2% using local hard drives
  • 17.8% using Cloud based file storage
  • 17.4% using a Product Data Management or Product Lifecycle solution

Of those using a file based approach, 48.6% stated that the solution was unproductive and unreliable.

What’s New in 3DEXPERIENCE R2021x?
Transforming Research and Discovery
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