ENOVIA Full Text Search License Expiry

ENOVIA Full Text Search

This article outlines the steps customers may take to avoid loss of Full Text Search functionality within on premise 3DEXPERIENCE ENOVIA deployments.

ENOVIA Full Text Search License Expiry

For on premise 3DEXPERIENCE deployments, ENOVIA Full Text Search includes an embedded license.

This is due to expire on 15th January 2020 for some 3DEXPERIENCE/V6 FixPacks.

This is documented in Dassault Systèmes Knowledgebase article QA00000041600.

If you are using a 3DEXPERIENCE / V6 Fix Pack with a license expiring on the 15th January 2020, please follow the procedure below procedure or the procedure described in QA00000041600 .

This procedure prevents any malfunctions of the ENOVIA Full Text Search that may occur after 15th January 2020.

Update Instructions

The CloudView deployment has a cv/data/bin directory.

In this directory, there is a file ngstart.env that tells the cloudview instance where the license can be found:


Determine the path to the NGDATADIR as follows:

– go to the Home page of the cloud view administration console

– scroll down to the ‘Processes’ section, in there on the right, there is a field, “Data dir”, with the value of your NGDATADIR.

View this file in an editor to see the expiration date.

If it is not “2024/02/29”, then you should consider updating the license available for your Version/Fixpack.

To update the license, please follow these instructions:

1. Stop/Disable any Full Text Search indexing task

2. Stop EXALEAD CloudView

3. Rename the original cvlicense.dat to cvlicense.dat.old

4. Save license.txt as cvlicense.dat in the same directory as the original cvlicense.dat

5. Start EXALEAD CloudView

6. Start Full Text Search indexing task

For more information or discuss this issue with one of our experts, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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