At the conceptual phase of new product development in an established business, a new concept is created to solve a specific problem or fill a particular market requirement. It begins a fairly well defined engineering process, that for the select few results in reaching the consumer and goes on to fund the continuing success of the company. But how many truly ground breaking, game changing ideas remain ideas without the engineering resource to reach the initial stages of new product development, eventually to fade and be forgotten?

Validation to Support Key Stakeholder Development

At this stage, you need a partner who can help you validate your idea when you don’t have the knowledge and resources you need. By providing a service that supports the concept development process, this partner can add substance to your new product concept and provide the evidence to support its practical application and secure initial funding for its development. ‘Capturing the spark’ takes an idea through its first engineering steps to becoming a product. A service that provides expert engineering resources to define initial product concept designs and supporting engineering information, including:

  • Engineering definition in CAD
  • Performance and application verification
  • Environmental and operational research and development
  • Material selection and testing
  • Component and product analysis
  • Lifelike simulation of the product in use
  • Prototype development and testing
  • Preparation for industrialisation

Business Incubator Technology & Experience Dedicated to Your Product

At TECHNIA, our toolset includes the very latest software to design and communicate effectively throughout the early stages of product development, supporting stakeholder engagement and management. PLM software that can capture intellectual property and drive your validated product through its entire life cycle whilst forming the basis of future product innovation. Our expert resources enable initial concept designs to be defined in terms that engineers understand, then analysed and simulated within a lifelike virtual reality that can be presented professionally to stakeholders to gain commitment to support industrialisation, production and beyond. Our engineers understand the constraints and opportunities represented by modern machining and manufacturing processes, material properties etc. that need to be considered early in the detailed design phases. Having worked with entrepreneurs from many walks of life, TECHNIA are experts in new product development. Providing a comprehensive and flexible service to support the engineering content of new concepts, in addition to providing the tools and resources that are necessary but not always available.

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At TECHNIA, we pave the way for your innovation, creativity and profitability.

We combine industry-leading Product Lifecycle Management tools with specialist knowledge, so you can enjoy the journey from product concept to implementation. Our experience makes it possible to keep things simple, personal and accessible so that together we transform your vision into value.

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