Cloud Computing Services offer a host of optimisation processes to all manner of businesses. But the leap from an on-premises solution to a cloud-based solution often poses giant-sized questions regarding data privacy and security.

So, let’s dispel the speculation and take a look at some facts.

Where is the threat?

Whether your data is stored on-premises, or on-cloud, it is essential that the proper measures are taken to prevent corruption or unwanted access.

Threats may arise from within your business even more commonly than they do outside, and your employees should be trained appropriately.

Scam tactics that involve a psychological element are referred to via the term “social engineering”. They rely on a foundation of trust, fear and/or urgency to coerce a target into revealing sensitive information so that attackers might gain further access to your data.

With so many electronic devices interweaving our social and working lives it is important to compartmentalise these aspects and avoid scenarios in which a personal or workplace attack invades the other.

Fortunately, once you are aware of the signals, attacks that fall under this umbrella (such as phishing, pretexting, and baiting) are easily identifiable and avoidable.

Learn about social engineering and how to avoid malicious activity that may threaten your workplace at the National Cyber Security Centre

Who can I trust with my data?

With the right third-party vendor, your data will be as secure as it ever could be.

Initiatives such as the OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) provide persistent, impartial advice as a global collective of industry-leading professionals.

With their guidance it is easier now than ever before for vendors to uphold an industry standard of security and for you, as a client, to hold them to that standard.

In fact, current cloud infrastructures are commonly better protected than those on-premises. And this can largely be put down to the resources that third-party vendors invest in security.

After all, their business relies on the security of your data.

Not all cloud services are made equal however, and it is down to you to make the informed decision that elevates your business.

For more information about the OWASP and beyond, download the 3DEXPERIENCE whitepaper here 3DS OWASP & App Security

What do I need to look for?

A responsible third-party vendor will make use of many secure layers to protect your data.

They will compartmentalise your assets from other clients so as to avoid cross-customer data access.

They will run random attack-like scenarios to test integrity and reactivity against the OWASP Top Ten Security Risks and beyond.

They will ensure that data centers comply with the highest physical security measures, keeping your backups safe and ensuring immunity from randsomware attacks.

They will maintain a robust hosting environment to safeguard against DDoS (Distributed Denial-of-Service) attacks which threaten extended downtimes.

And they will provide 24-hour monitoring, multi-factor authentication and secure communication channels to ensure maximum performance and protection from emerging security threats.

Final thoughts…

Every business is different. But all businesses need to protect their assets.

In an increasingly mobile business environment, the importance of cloud security has never been more intrinsic to success.

Whether you’ve taken to the cloud already and want assurance that your data is secure, or you’re looking to invest in a Cloud Computer Service for the first time, now you know what you’re looking for.

Download the 3DEXPERIENCE whitepaper on Cloud Security here 3DS Cloud Security

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