Collaborative Manufacturing: The Supplier in the Loop

Jaguar Land Rover Evoque

Supplier Insight at Jaguar Land Rover

Renowned auto maker, Jaguar Land Rover are highly selective when it comes to the component manufacturers who supply the parts for their range of prestige vehicles.

And the level of innovation required to maintain JLR’s leading position in the automotive market is a prime requirement. As are the specialist skills that suppliers provide.

Suppliers that Match Engineering Technology, Skills and Goals

Industry 4.0 technologies are enabling dramatic disruption.

But it’s not just technology that’s changing. Markets are being addressed on a clean sheet basis. And innovations are developing in unique, exciting areas.

JLR have established themselves as agile innovators and their products’ successes in the global market are the long-standing proof.

Suppliers grow with their customers, but also feel their pain. So, diversification in resilient markets is a must. Their main strategy for business retention is to closely monitor their customers and become indispensable and integrated components of their future manufacturing requirements. This means being great collaborators.

Connected Through iPLM

JLR developed iPLM based on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.

They are using it to integrate suppliers into their manufacturing processes. Being able to share meaningful component quality, performance and packaging requirements information instantly is key to maintaining JLR’s drive for innovation and agility.

Our example supplier is an innovation award winning manufacturer of cast and machined aluminium components. They operate within several markets but predominantly automotive.

As experienced users of CATIA, they use component information from iPLM to design the tooling that’ll be used to manufacture the products. All the processes, including analysis of the flow of the molten metal in the casting, are managed by the supplier to meet JLR’s requirements.

In turn the supplier relies on TECHNIA, as expert and experienced partners, to keep them and their tool set up to date, available and operating efficiently.

Increased Pressure on JLR’s UK Suppliers

Existing JLR suppliers need to keep pace with JLR’s technology agility.

But, also have to deal with competitive pressures from suppliers seeking replacement business.

Our example supplier is currently supporting L663 20MY programme and protecting future business by getting up to speed on R2017x for L663 21/22MY programmes.

They have also successfully completed JLR Transition training with support from the TECHNIA Solutions team.

Becoming the Supplier in the Loop

JLR want their suppliers to be part of their strength.

As the industry gets to grips with electrification, those OEM’s with the most innovative and compelling products are likely to secure a larger segment of future business.

In seeking to improve integration with JLR, our supplier is migrating existing CATIA V5 licences to 3DEXPERIENCE. They’re further tightening their relationship by adopting the JLR Engineering Toolset and by fully supporting JLR’s PLM requirements which was communicated to suppliers by JLR in March 2019.

Not only will this help them retain existing business it should help to win more. This means being the first choice to be included within further vehicle programmes.

Critical Support for JLR Suppliers

TECHNIA, early providers of 3DEXPERIENCE software and support services, use that capability and the knowledge gained through working with Dassault Systèmes software developers to optimise the customer’s implementation.

TECHNIA strive to provide the best products and services at the most competitive pricing. That makes TECHNIA the premier source for the JLR Migration Package.


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