CATIA V5: Part Jumping When Being Moved by Compass


Under certain conditions, users may experience unusual behaviour when moving parts or sub-assemblies using the compass. It may appear that the part or sub-assembly being moved is not moving as the cursor is moved along the screen, only for it to suddenly jump across and then appear to freeze again.

This behaviour is often the result of leaving one of the increment boxes populated within the Parameters for Compass Manipulation dialog, as shown below:

In the example shown above, the part will appear to jump when moved in the U (or X) direction, and will move by 100mm once a certain amount of cursor input has been received. This behaviour can be used to great advantage, if for example a user wants to translate a part in 2mm increments to see how the position appears in the assembly, whilst being able to just drag the mouse and be confident the part will only move in the set increments.

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Dave Thomas and Andrew Early