Why Your Business Needs to Embrace Digital Transformation

Why your business needs to embrace digital transformation, and how digital twinning saved NASA from a multimillion-dollar disaster.

Common Misconceptions Around Cloud Security

Have your feet on the ground while your business is in the cloud.

7 Steps to Successful Engineering Data Management

Engineering should be about engineering. But when data management gets out of hand - chaotic file systems cause errors and deadlines drift - engineering can feel a lot more like administration. This step-by-step guide will help you get back to…

More Than Code – Why Your Vendor Matters as Much as the Software

Cloud computing and SaaS models have turned IT into a service industry. That means choosing software vendors is choosing who to build a relationship with.

Is Your Team Unsure About What PLM Really Is? Here are 3 Things You Need to Know

Do you know roughly how many parts are used in a new Airbus A380? … Four million.

TECHNIA Releases Lite3D 2018.5

TECHNIA are pleased to announce the release of Lite3D 2018.5, introducing new professional features to our JT-viewer LiteBox3D.

What CATIA/DELMIA Version is that file?

Ever need to quickly find out what version of CATIA created that file that just turned up from your customer? It’s an important 1st step, if you start working on your project using the wrong CATIA version, you may end up…

On-Premise or On-Cloud? How to Choose the Right PLM for You

Imagine you have to transport your most prized possession to a new location 2,000 miles away.

Contacts: Second-Order Elements (Part 3 of 3)

In the previous blogs we covered various issues that can be encountered when dealing with contacts in Abaqus. However, all of the analyses shown in the examples utilized the first order element type. In this blog we will cover some interesting characteristics…

Train Maker Stadler Accelerates Innovation

The overall goal of the PLM 2.0 strategy is to improve efficiency by 10 percent company-wide. Swiss train maker Stadler is constantly moving forward. Over the last 20 years, the company has grown from 70 employees to more than 7,000 and its trains now…

Performance on Remote Locations

Even though the backend performance of an ENOVIA system is of great importance, one area that is usually given too little attention is the client side performance. Sitting on a location far away from the application server might be an unworkable…

Contacts: Surface to Surface Contact Considerations (Part 2 of 3)

In the last contact related blog we highlighted how the mesh density of the master and slave surfaces affect node to surface contacts in Abaqus. In this blog we will look at the more sophisticated contact discretization method offered by Abaqus; the surface…

Remove the Hassle of Managing Your Own License Server with Dassault Systèmes Hosted Licenses

Since the beginning of the year Dassault Systèmes have provided the ability, to have your software licenses hosted for you instead of having to provide your own server, free of charge.

STEP File (.STP/.STEP) Not Importing All the Data Wanted

STEP files are part of the ISO standard ISO 10303 and are internationally recognised as a convenient way of transferring CAD files between different CAD systems.

Has Industry 4.0 already arrived?

Remember that tale about the King’s new clothes? For several years industry has been buzzing about the dawn of a new era in manufacturing, a 4th Industrial Revolution or Industry 4.0 as we have come to know it.

Engineering’s Great Escape

In a country where being an engineer used to have negative connotations it’s quite rewarding to see the rise of engineering and the influence it now welds within the entire organisation.

Post-Processing with Abaqus/CAE: First Results

Abaqus/CAE provides several tools for Post Processing. Among these, there are several controls for displaying different variables, plotting their contours in different ways, controlling the maximum and minimum limits within the results, and plotting graphs that can show the evolution of…

How to Create a Slide (Enhanced Scene) in CATIA V6

It is becoming more and more common that CAD users are upgrading from CATIA V5 to CATIA V6 and CATIA 3DEXPERIENCE. Although the upgrade will bring increased functionality with ease of use, it can often be intimidating to use when…

Dassault Systemes Software: Graphics Card Not Part of a Certified Configuration Warning

September 20, 2016 If you are receiving a warning that informs you that you are using a graphics card which is not part of any certified configuration, there are two things that could be wrong: The Graphics Card itself is…

Analysis for Engineers: Fluid Validation in 3DEXPERIENCE (Part 1 of 2)

Hard core and pure Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) still remains one of the most complex fields within engineering. Yet, it is incredibly valuable, especially in a world where optimisation is becoming more necessary, not only for cost reduction but to make…

Analysis for Engineers: Fluid Validation in 3DEXPERIENCE (Part 2 of 2)

In part one you saw how to prepare a Fluid Validation analysis case. After running the simulation, the post-processing can be easily managed through the Results tab in the Action bars.

Guest Blog: How Can You Ensure Your Product’s Manufacturability?

Guest Blog Written By Nick Scott, Manufacturing Consultant at Dassault Systèmes

Installing Abaqus Subroutines

Arguably one of the most difficult steps in using User Subroutines in Abaqus is installing them correctly, and getting them to work! To help you overcome this first obstacle, we have produced a guide to walk you through the process.

Equivalent, Fake or Override Mass in CATIA V5

Although it may not be obvious, there can often be a reason for overriding the default mass of a part in CATIA V5. For example a supplier of a part can only supply you with the mass and no material…

Creating a new part in Abaqus/CAE

The most basic of operations can be intimidating to perform when you are a new user of a particular application, and one as established as SIMULIA Abaqus/CAE is no different! Creating a new part in Abaqus/CAE is easy, and the…

Updating CAT Settings for Multiple Versions of CATIA

Having multiple versions of CATIA installed can sometimes cause issues with the CATIA settings.

Analysis for Engineers: Structural Validation in 3DEXPERIENCE

Today, analysis is an essential part of any product development process. The use of simulation saves companies significant time and cost, by avoiding most of the expensive and lengthy physical testing process.

Use CATIA V5 FEA (GPS/GAS) more Efficiently by Creating Templates

It is becoming more common for designers to produce their own basic FEA analysis. This can be an intimidating task for a novice with little or no knowledge of FEA.

Seamlessly Work in PDM and PLM for the Best of Both

Share, view and access easily the data that drives innovation.

Creating Catalogues in CATIA V5

When parts are often used and/or shared amongst many users, it is normally easier and tidier to store them as part of a structured catalogue. Default ISO catalogues are available with every CATIA V5 install but may not fit the needs…

CATIA V5: On-Screen Model Manipulation

May 31, 2016 In CATIA V5, the mouse (or a Space Mouse, if used) can be used to control the position, orientation and zoom level of a model – and allows a great degree of control. Whilst for most situations…

Using General Contact in Abaqus/CAE

Contact is essentially the definition of parts interacting with one another and/or itself. Abaqus/Standard & Abaqus/Explicit both use General contact and/or Contact pairs for defining contact.

Experience the Best – Any Process, Any Industry

Every market sector has its top performers. By understanding how they operate and what they are doing that works, you can modify your own efforts to get closer or jump ahead.

ENOVIA SmarTeam Web Editor Workflow License Usage

"When I launch SmarTeam – Web Editor, a Workflow license is also taken. Is it possible to disable the Workflow product for users who do not utilize Workflow?"

SIMULIA Abaqus/CAE: Recording Macros

Abaqus/CAE allows the user to automate repeating tasks by running Python scripts, but writing these scripts from scratch can be difficult for first time users. To help you generate your scripts, Abaqus/CAE has a macro recording system, which allows the…

CATIA V5: Part Jumping When Being Moved by Compass

Under certain conditions, users may experience unusual behaviour when moving parts or sub-assemblies using the compass. It may appear that the part or sub-assembly being moved is not moving as the cursor is moved along the screen, only for it…

CATIA V5: Comparison of Old and New Versions of Model Geometry

In the DMU Space Analysis workbench, it is possible to visually and geometrically compare old and new versions of the same model.

Downloading and Installing Hot Fixes

Sometimes there are a few critical problems within the CATIA software. A hot fix is a software maintenance package containing fixes for a small number of these issues.

CATIA V5 Hints & Tips: Dimension Leader

May 17, 2016 In 2D Drafting, after creating dimensions it is possible to manipulate the leaders. When selecting the dimension that have been created, some white squares appear at the leader ends. These can be dragged by clicking the left…

CATIA V5: Propagation of Broken and Breakout Specifications

By default, any projection or auxiliary views generated from a front view with either a broken or breakout view having been defined, will not carry the broken/breakout view definition.

Problems With Your CATIA V6 Connection?

CATIA V6R2013X: Working With An Unreliable Network Connection

CATIA V5-6R2016 Now Available!

February 17, 2016 Good news, it is officially 2016 now that CATIA V5-6R2016 (or as I like to call it CATIA V5R26) is now available for download! It comes packed with a few neat tricks too. To take a look…

Evaluating the Change: Form, Fit and Function (FFF)

Form, Fit and Function rules specify how much new revisions of a part can deviate from the original before new part numbers are created. This is key in ensuring components can be substituted without issue.

Creating Multiple Points in CATIA V5 using Microsoft Excel

I get asked time and time again if there is an easier way to input multiple points into CATIA V5. The answer in short is, yes there is! Furthermore the functionality is available with every install on CATIA V5 and…

CATIA V5: Performance Issues When Moving Parts in Large Assemblies

Under certain conditions, users may experience performance issues when moving parts using the compass – typically in assemblies with upwards of several hundred parts.

Intelligent Engineering, Enterprise PLM and ‘Best Practice’ Processes: The Golden Bullet for Automotive OEMs

Prediction and preparation for future market requirements is becoming a standard component within the front end of enterprise PLM systems and Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE Platform has been designed to be the technology of choice for many of the world’s leading automotive…

Hiding Derived Reps in a Review Slide for Exploded Views in Drawings

To carry out assembly machining, most people create a Derived Rep of the parts to be machined and then work on that. The problem with this method, is that the derived rep ends up in a 3dshape under the product and the…

CATIA V6: Product Tree Reordering

Within the Assembly Design workbench in CATIA V6, there initially doesn’t appear to be a way of reordering the Product tree. The Tree Reordering icon is missing from the toolbars, and it appears that the only way to reorder the…

Generative Sheet Metal Design WALL Vs Aerospace Sheet Metal Design WEB

Some people may argue that the additional expense of having the Aerospace Sheet Metal Design tools is not worth it. However let me show you why I beg to differ!

SIMULIA Abaqus 2016 Installation Guide

January 15, 2016 DOWNLOAD THE STEP-BY-STEP INSTALLATION GUIDE Some of you may be aware or even have been anticipating the arrival of SIMULIA 2016 suite of applications. Now that it is here, to get it up and running can be…

Contacts: Node to Surface Contact Considerations (Part 1 of 3)

Here at Technia, the vast majority of our analysis work, both support and consultancy, involves the use of contacts in the form of interactions. Their set-up and consequent behavior can have a significant effect on the results of an analysis,…

End of Support for Windows 7 and 8 announced with Next Release of 3DEXPERIENCE Platform

All customers using Windows that wish to upgrade to 2019x will be required to upgrade to Windows 10 if they have not done so already. They have not confirmed an exact date, stating that it will be released by the…

Alternative to Dynamic Sectioning (CATIA V5) or Visualization Sectioning (CATIA/ 3DEXPERIENCE)

The alternative methodology to achieve a measurement via the part-based sectioning tool is to create a Positioned Sketch on a user defined sketch which contains an Intersect Projection of the required geometry (or body).

Resurrecting an Isolated Surface in CATIA using Formula Editor

It’s not as simple as it sounds, but hopefully this article will help users understand how this can be done. In order to turn an isolated surface back into perhaps a ruled surface, you need to utilize the Formula Editor function.

Be the Change Before it Changes You

The ability to swiftly process information and embrace change is considered to be the greatest make-or-break in today’s cut-throat business climate. This is why TechniaTranscat has made these processes the heart of its business, ensuring companies in any industry a…

Microsoft Windows 10 Compatibility with 3DEXPERIENCE

If you allow your Windows 10 to update automatically, or if your local IT department push out Windows 10 on your behalf, this could potentially be harmful to your Dassault Systèmes applications.

CATIA V5: Last Save Version & Release

More often than not, CATIA V5 users save their models in the correct release. The release number is often defined after the version number, for example CATIA version 5, realease number 20 would be known as CATIA V5R20.

Design Data Management with CATIA/ 3DEXPERIENCE

Focus on Designing That’s why CATIA/ 3DEXPERIENCE has not only improved the way you model, but also has eliminated the aggravation and hassle of organizing your CAD data. The problem is with files. Old CAD systems constantly require engineers to locate, validate,…

TECHNIA Midsize Solutions for Small & Medium-sized Enterprises

A comprehensive range of open and flexible PLM Solutions for small and medium-sized companies; a key component of a modern Digital Transformation project.

CATIA V5: How to Apply a Breakout View to Multiple Drawing Views

In the follwing, our experts explains step by step how to apply a breakout view to multiple views.

Supercharge CATIA V5 with the new “Power’By” 3DEXPERIENCE

In Short Dassault Systèmes introduces an all-new CATIA V5 integration to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform CATIA V5 data can be managed in the 3DEXPERIENCE platform “on-cloud” for the first time View CATIA V5 data and build/edit assemblies through a web browser, even on…

Having JAVA Security Issues when trying to access Online Documentation?

Know that Issue? Ever since the introduction of Java 7 updates 25, people have been having problems with accessing the Online Documentation provided by Dassault Systèmes. For those not aware, Online Documentation is essentially help files for the suite of…

CATIA V5 Drawing Crashing when Creating a View

Is your CATIA crashing whenever you attempt to create a new drawing view of a large assembly? Does the progress bar freeze without completing? If so, there are a few settings that you can change to improve your chances of…

3DEXPERIENCE on Windows 10 (with 4K Screens)

Despite being released in the age of Windows 10, 3DEXPERIENCE 2015x is not officially supported on Windows 10 – a list of certified machines can be found here. And as Windows 7 reaches the end of its life, it may be necessary to…

How to Use the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform: Features and Advantages

The 3DEXPERIENCE Platform is packed full of various Dassault Systèmes brands and has proven to be both intuitive and user-friendly. Is that not a contradiction, not at all. Users are able to customize their 3DEXPERIENCE as they please.


This summer I have been working as an Intern for TECHNIA & Integral Powertrain as a Design Engineer. I’ve recently completed my first year at the University of Portsmouth where I’m currently studying BEng Mechanical Engineering.

Cannot save CATIA V5 files open in your CATIA session?

DISCLAIMER: Please only use the following method as a work around, it is NOT guaranteed but is a tried and tested method that has worked on occasions. This method should be performed at your own risk. Ever had an issue…

Create a Customised Drawing Border in 3DEXPERIENCE

The standard ‘Out of the box’ Drawing Borders in 3DEXPERIENCE provide a basic solution for adding a frame and title block to a Drawing. The functionality will add a template to the background view and further options are provided to…

Inheriting Surface Colours of Surface Based Features in 3DEXPERIENCE

The 3DEXPERIENCE Within 3DEXPERIENCE, it is possible to allow solid-based features to inherit the colours of the surface-based features used to create them. For example, if a pink surface is sewn onto a grey solid body, the part body can…

Manage DSLS Licence Authorisations

The DSLS Licence Administration Tool If you have a large pool of licences available on a single Dassault Systèmes License Server (DSLS), then it often becomes more difficult to manage the licences available. For example in CATIA V5, a single…

CATIA V5 to 3DEXPERIENCE Transition: Creating a Revision from Saved As Geometry

When using CATIA V5, the 'Save As' option can be used for creating a copy of an object which can then be used independently from the original file, often to evaluate different options during the development process. Sometimes, it is desirable to use…

New Option to ‘Hard Metal Machining’ in 3DEXPERIENCE 2017x

Development of ‘Hard Metal Machining’ is continuing at a pace at Dassault Systèmes, with the introduction of a new option for ‘Profile Contouring’.

CATIA V5 to 3DEXPERIENCE Transition: Save As Function For Duplication

Save as in 3DEXPERIENCE When using CATIA V5, the ‘Save As’ option can be used for creating a copy of an object which can then be used independently from the original file, often to evaluate different options during the development…

Up Above the Clouds with 3DEXPERIENCE

Or rather, ‘up in the (data) clouds’. After all, the model-based, data-driven PLM tool 3DEXPERIENCE is now offered by Dassault Systèmes as a software as a service (SaaS) solution in the cloud. Just to mention a few advantages: even greater…


STL as a Standard File Format A Stereo Lithography (STL) file is a standard file format created by 3D Systems, USA. It also goes by other nick names of Standard Triangle Language, or similarly Standard Tessellation Language. It is a…

Mozilla Firefox Removes Support for NPAPI Applet (Technology used by Java Applets)

Mozilla have ended support for NPAPI Applets in their Firefox browser. The NPAPI Applet is a technology used by Java, thus Mozilla are effectively ending support for Java applets.  

Let your machines do the talking!

The Spiral of Knowledge These days, sharing information and knowledge is easier than ever before. Knowledge can be pooled together and made available to everyone on Wikipedia, a diverse range of blogs, social media and internal corporate wikis. These new…

Design in the Age of Experience – The Event

A Good Way to Stay up to Date Technology is an increasingly popular subject nowadays. It is advancing at such a pace that it is becoming more and more difficult to keep pace with its development throughout numerous fields. Besides…

How to Run CATIA V5 in Admin Mode

Some administrators of CATIA V5 within, or even outside of an organisation require access to CATIA V5 in “Admin Mode” in order to restrict certain options and/or implement certain design best practises via the use of standards. This can range…

The Creation of True-Load

At H-D we were always working toward producing and delivering the best quality and most innovative bikes in the marketplace. This particular story takes place in 2003 when we were working on the prototypes of a brand new design.

How do you design for manufacturing excellence in the world of Additive Manufacturing?

If you are one of the many businesses considering 3D Printing/Additive Manufacturing (AM), how can you ensure that your designs are right the first time, every time?

Intelligent Engineering, the Fourth Musketeer

No need to worry help is at hand. For those of my era “Don’t panic Mr Mainwaring!”

Problems Retrieving IBM License Use Management (LUM) Target ID

When trying to obtain the IBM License Use Management TargetID through the ‘i4target’ executable the ID returned shows ‘00000000’. This can also be encountered in the LUM Basic License Tool where the TargetID shows the same 8-digit alpha numeric which…

Cloud Upgrade: Steps to Resolve Issues When Installing Upload Rich Applications

As we switch to the new 3DEXPERIENCE R2017x, it’s recommended that you remove all 3DEXPERIENCE R2016x code previously installed on your machine and that you clean up your system.

CATIA V5-6R2017 (aka V5R27) is finally Here!

Some of you may think, is it that time of year again already?! Dassault Systèmes has been busy rolling out the latest CATIA 3DEXPERIENCE 2017x release, but it has not forgotten its CATIA V5 companion. Dassault Systèmes have finally released CATIA V5-6R2017 (which most of you may…

Will Enterprise PLM Tame Additive Manufacturing?

As the amount of R&D pounds aimed at developing new Additive Manufacturing technologies and applications heads skywards so does the spend and the development time that is focused on the PLM design, analysis & simulation and digital manufacturing software to…

CATIA File Icon and Preview Thumbnail Doesn’t Display

If your CATIA icons have lost their default CATIA icon symbols and a preview thumbnail of the part is not available in Windows Explorer, there is a fix available. While this could be a symptom of having multiple versions of CATIA installed (read our…

DraftSight 2017 Service Pack 1 Now Available

Although it was previously announced that all DraftSight users (Windows 32 and 64 bit versions) need to download and install a critical hotfix that was made available to avoid being negatively affected by this. Downloading and installing DraftSight 2017 SP1 will…

Simplified Change Management Options in 3DEXPERIENCE R2017x

The new release gives users the ability to simplify the Change Management process. The existing methods from previous releases are still available, but R2017x offers new features.

I once had a Coke! Is Big Data and Business Analytics working?

It’s an annoyance story that used to be replayed as marketing professionals bemoaned how advertising used previous purchase data to target offers. You may know the story; Guy walks into a bar and orders a Coke. Next time and the…

DraftSight Critical Hotfix

To continue working with DraftSight a Critical Hotfix has been made available. We advise that you download and install this hotfix as soon as possible.

Sharing Data Between Collaborative Spaces in CATIA 3DEXPERIENCE

This is usually used to group data by project. Different CS types exist but the general idea is to ensure that only users with a role granted on a Collaborative Space can view, amend and/or lifecycle the data.

The Contribution of Dassault Systemes to Digital Composite Technology

Though composites have been around for a long time, it is still a science in the making with many aspects of composites yet to be discovered. Dassault Systèmes have offered many tools to make this discovery efficient and continue to…

Buying a new CAD spec PC or laptop? Be careful with Windows 10 compatibility and Windows 7 downgrades

As suppliers of hardware to many of our customers, we regularly source new CAD workstations and laptops form a range of suppliers. After 18 months on the market (and a generally good reception), Windows 10 is now the standard operating…

Batch Convert CATPart/CATProduct/CATDrawing to 3DXML/STEP/IGES/DXF/DWG/ or Reverse

In CATIA V5/V6/3DEXPERIENCE, users have the ability to convert data in batch mode. When using V6 and 3DEXPERIENCE, this will automatically import/export data from the ENOVIA database. The following example is performed using CATIA V5 but is identical in V6 and 3DEXPERIENCE. However, with V6 and 3DEXPERIENCE,…

PLM: Too late, too late, will be the cry

“Too late, too late will be the cry when the man with the bargains has passed you by.” From Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels. When the character Bacon delivered this line in the film he was not talking about…

Design Validation using CATIA Finite Element Analysis

CATIA V5 offers highly interactive finite element analysis capabilities for validating design.

Assembly DMU Section Causing CATIA V5 to Abend (Crash)

We are committed in helping our customers and others resolve issues which they are experiencing. We are also committed in sharing our knowledge to the wider Dassault Systèmes (DS) user base. One particular issue I had faced with a customer…

8 of the Best New Features from 3DEXPERIENCE R2017x

Current cloud users have had access to a 3DEXPERIENCE 2017x pre-release Beta on cloud, so I’ve been having a look around for what’s new and improved in this latest release. Instead of going through an exhaustive list of new features, here’s…

CATIA V5: Creating Electrical Automatic Assembly Between Connectors (Part 2)

In Part 1 we saw that the Installation and Equipment workbench can provide ease of installation, robust assembly behaviour and routine design reduction by automating the assembly on Electrical components. This post will show further capabilities on this topic, with a different combination of electrical links.…

CATIA V5: Creating Electrical Automatic Assembly Between Connectors (Part 1)

CATIA Installation and Equipment is a workbench which deals with electrical components, assembly, harness installation, and so on…

CATIA V5: Save Time with 2D Advanced Meshing

In Finite Element Analysis, it is typical to wait during the calculation process. On the one hand, computers have become more and more powerful over the last decade, resulting in a reduction calculation time. But on the other hand, the user…

Applying Boundary Conditions in Abaqus/CAE

It is possible to create boundary conditions in Abaqus/CAE and control how they take effect through different steps where we may be applying different load cases to a model.

Virtualisation of FLEXnet Licence Servers for SIMULIA

Many people ask if a License server can be hosted on a virtual machine (VM), known as virtualisation. Although Dassault Systemes do not encourage it, it is possible. Unfortunately for most, it will not fit requirements due to not all…

Read PLM Magazine 2016 online!

PLM Magazine 2016 is here! With 36 pages filled with PLM, CAD and IoT inspiration, this issue is our most extensive magazine ever. In this issue: learn how Ford uses CAVA to accelerate their product development how Husqvarna works with…

CATIA? DELMIA? EXALEAD? What do these brands actually mean? (In Layman’s terms)

One of the problems of Dassault Systèmes possessing such a wide variety of products is that it can often be a bit of an issue working out what each of these products even does.

Reliable 3D Data for the 3D Enterprise

3D is becoming available everywhere in the company. Purchasers see in 3D what they buy, mobile devices provide assembling animations on the shop floor and customers select spare parts from 3D catalogs, where they can spin and view 3D data…

3DEXPERIENCE and V5 Support on Windows 10 Operating System

Dassault Systèmes announces support of 3DEXPERIENCE and V5 Offers on Microsoft Windows 10 64-bit Edition operating system.

The easy, cost-efficient way of integrating ENOVIA with ERP systems

Today’s businesses are pressured from just about every corner. While customers are growing smarter, industry watchdogs are becoming stricter and competition is getting stiffer.

Cost Efficient and Reliable Integrations

Why is a solid integration solution so important?

The Right Tools for the Right Retail Process

For retail chains, the process of introducing a new product in stores can be overwhelming without the right tools. Finding an exciting product to sell is the easy part; navigating every step that’s necessary between ordering an item and getting…

Managing Manufacturing BOMs in DELMIA 3DEXPERIENCE

In an ideal world, a full CAD structure of your product would contain everything you would need to make or order in order to assemble one. However in reality this is seldom, if ever, the case. There are many objects…

Lost in Translation? Compare CATIA V5 with SMG and JT easier

CAD conversion represents an act of transforming a relatively complex mathematical description into a totally different one, trying to maintain the same outcome for the user and process but under the hood, things can get messy.

Time to speed up! – Services kill the way you think about your products

To me, Toyota Land Cruiser is the best car mankind has ever built, and will ever build. Their manufacturing process has the magic touch of Taiichi Ohno himself. But unfortunately, even the best cars need service and spare parts.

Design Optimisation using Tosca/Abaqus

Today’s engineers aspire to develop innovative products in the shortest development time possible. Security, comfort, performance, efficiency, durability, and flexibility are just some of the aspects to take into account. 

Do I have PLM Express (Edition 3) media installed or the older P2 configuration?

It is very important that you have the correct Media installed when it comes to Dassault Systèmes products. CATIA V5 comes in two configurations, the older P2 configuration and the newer Edition 3 configuration. Although CATIA itself does not change,…

Measure Directly From Your CAD Screen … Literally!

Want to measure directly from your monitor using a ruler but struggle to scale your CAD accordingly? Well let us show how you can do just that using Dassault Systèmes CATIA applications!

Generative Structural Analysis Applied for Design Optimisation

Design optimisation is the process of finding the best design parameters that satisfy project requirements. Optimisation of parameters, whether “minimisation”, “maximisation” or “approaching a target value” is an iterative process. Using the conventional, manual approach can be time consuming and…

Customising CATIA V5: Setting Favourite Workbenches

CATIA can be customised for each individual user to improve the experience and speed up the modelling process. One of these customisations includes selecting your favourite workbenches for quick and convenient access.

RAMSIS NextGen: A General Procedure for Ergonomic Assessment

In order to perform an ergonomic analysis using RAMSIS NextGen there is a general procedure that can be followed to get the desired results.  

Design Optimisation Using CATIA Knowledgeware Module

Design optimisation is the process of finding the best design parameters that satisfy project requirements. Optimisation consists of “maximise”, “minimise”, or “approach a target value”, using a variety of parameters. Performing a conventional optimisation using manual iterations can be a…

Kinematic Simulations in CATIA… Cool visual animations or a useful engineering tool?

The Digital Mock-Up (DMU) Kinematics workbench, available in CATIA, allows users to create simulations of assemblies. To have access to this workbench, the KIN product must be installed and available in your licence. For CATIA V5 PLM Express configurations, the…

Make 2D & 3D Welding Simulation Easier using the Abaqus Welding Interface

Welding simulations are complex, requiring accurate representation of geometry, multiple weld passes, non-linear temperature dependent material properties, thermal and structural boundary conditions, and more. To capture all of these details, significant user effort is required.

SmarTeam: Saving Multisheet PDF Drawings

What is a Multisheet Drawing?

Creating Thread Standards in CATIA V5 Using an XML File

To streamline the CAD design process, it is often easier to create a library of commonly used standard parts. The same principle can be applied to commonly used standards, and one of the more commonly used standards is the Thread…

3DEXPERIENCE Part Design App… So What?

With the recent release of Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE R2015x, some would ask what is different about these apps? For example, the part design app tools appear to be identical to the part design workbench tools of CATIA V5.

CATIA: Issues with Remote Desktop

It is common to use the Remote Desktop feature within Windows to connect to another client machine or even the server to install and set up software, this is definitely advantageous as the machine could be in another location e.g.…

Do You Know When Your Rental License(s) Will Expire?

In the world of renewals, it is so common for people to forget or mistime when their licenses are set for expiry. It is so easily done in the modern working world, with so many distractions and higher priority tasks.…

Why Use 3D PDF?

It has become even more important to share Computer Aided Design (CAD) models in a world dominated by digital models.

How To Optimise Your Use of SIMULIA Abaqus Tokens

SIMULIA products are offered on an annual-lease token-based licensing using FLEXnet licensing utilities, which enables the user to monitor and manage how Abaqus software is used.

Help with Selecting Elements in CATIA V5

Most readers will be familiar with the usual method of helping to select an element that might be hidden behind others; namely the use of the up and down arrow keys.

How to Identify Problems Getting a License When Using DSLS

For all new releases of V5 starting at R21 and all versions of V6 and 3DEXPERIENCE, DSLS (Dassault Systèmes License Server) is used to manage software licensing. Like most license servers, there needs to be a secure connection between the…

LUM Concurrent Licences Not Releasing

Sometimes when CATIA crashes or has not been closed down properly, the Basic Licence tool thinks the user is still using it. Unfortunately you cannot release the licence from the basic license tool or even remove it as it thinks…

Speed Up Your Design Time Using Insert Mode in CATIA V5

The longest part of generating a decent CAD model is housekeeping! Users often assume that once the 3D CAD model is completed, it will never be touched again. However this is often not the case!

URGENT – Windows Update Information

Microsoft windows update on 13/05/2015 (specifically KB3061518) seems to have an impact on DSLS connection protocol for levels lower than 3DEXPERIENCE R2015x.

So what happened to CATIA’s interface?

Some of you reading this blog may have seen screenshots and videos of the new 3DEXPERIENCE platform, and seen something that looks like this: And you might be wondering, “What have they done to CATIA? It’s just like V4 to…

The Easy Way to ENOVIA Collaboration

Do most of your conversations happen in your email inbox? Wouldn’t it be better to easy and fast discuss products directly in your ENOVIA application with your colleagues?

CATIA V5: Creating a Smooth Blended Surface

When using CATIA, the user may find that using an operation alone does not give the required result. It is using a combination of tools that gives the user the required result. This is often a matter of playing around,…

CATIA V5: Surfacing… It Doesn’t Have To Be Difficult!

There are many misconceptions associated with surfacing in CATIA V5, particularly that it is intimidating to use! In fact it is quite the opposite.

3DEXPERIENCE R2015x: X-CAD Using Multiple CAD Formats in One Top-level Assembly

3DEXPERIENCE R2015x X-CAD allows you to work with multi-CAD designs within 1 single environment. Designers can work independently of CAD systems, designing in numerous native CAD formats all managed within 3DEXPERIENCE R2015x. Various native formats can be used to create…

CATIA V5-6R2014 Crashes/Abends When Trying to Create a New VBA Library or Run a Macro

Have you found that your recently installed CATIA V5-6R2014 install always crashes when you try to create a new VBA library or try to run a macro? This seems to only be the case when Microsoft Office products are not…

Prevent CATIA Consuming Multiple Licenses

On a single machine you can run multiple versions of CATIA at the same time e.g. R18, R19 and R22. We have noticed that this is becoming more frequent that CATIA is using more than 1 license. To  eliminate this…

DSLS – Enrolling Nodelock License

This short guide lists the steps to enrolling a DSLS nodelock license.

Having Problems with your CATIA V5 Applications?

Has CATIA V5 been acting differently lately? Have there been recent stability issues? Does everything look different compared to how it first looked when you opened it? Are you unable to perform tasks that you were able to in the…

LUM: Enrolling Concurrent Licenses

This guide will describe how to install LUM licenses onto your machine/server.

Quickly Validate a Part Design Using CATIA FEA

It can often become a tiresome iterative process designing a part, especially when the number of people involved increases. For simple analysis, the designer can validate their designed component(s) with respect to thickness, design, material, etc using the Generative Structural…

Enrolling DSLS Licenses

Learn how to enroll DSLS licenses using the License Administration tool provided by Dassault Systèmes.

Capture Images and Videos from Inside CATIA V5

Users tend to rely on using the operating systems native tool for capturing screen shots or third party applications for recording the screen.

LUM: Extract License from Server Setup

Aim: The aim is to be able to checkout\extract a license from the license server onto the client machine. Note: This is only for CATIA licenses Solution: 1) Copy & Paste the link below into your Internet Browser: ftp://ftp-ip.com/CATIA/i4_offline_mig_13.zip username: [email protected] password: download_1234  …

CATIA V5: Transitioning from LUM to DSLS (CATIA V5R21)

This guide contains the steps required to change from LUM licensing to DSLS licensing. Note: Ensure CATIA is closed before transition.

CATIA V5: Creating Equivalent Dimensions

It can often become tedious for designers to keep changing multiple constraint values in CATIA V5, which will always equal to the same value, for instance in a sketch. If one value is changed, the user is then forced to…

ENOVIA SmarTeam: Create New Vault Sets

Having multiple vault sets will allow SmarTeam to function more efficiently during file operations, especially when the vaults contain a large number of files. This is a guide showing how to add additional SmarTeam vaults as required.

Quickly Convert CATIA V4 Model Data to a CATIA V5 Part

The following example shows users of CATIA V5 how to quickly convert CATIA V4 model files into CATIA V5 part files without using any migration tools.

ENOVIA SmarTeam: Tree Properties

Sometimes within ENOVIA SmarTeam, the information displayed in the Tree Browser may not be relevant and not very meaningful. This can be overcome by customising which attributes are displayed.

3 Key Factors to Succeed with a PLM Partnership!

Our mission at TECHNIA is to facilitate the future in innovation. Our journey with PLM at TECHNIA is more than 20 years long and we are passionate in continuously fine tune and provide more customer value based on our strong…

10 Reasons for Transitioning to CATIA V6 (Part 5 of 5)

Extract taken from Whitepaper “10 Reasons for Transitioning to CATIA V6” by TECHNIA’ 3DEXPERIENCE/V6 Specialist Technical Team

Extended Token Licensing within Abaqus 6.14

The new version of Abaqus 6.14 now supports the following products with Extended Token Licencing: Finite element analysis (Abaqus) Topology and shape optimisation (Tosca Structure) Fluid channel topology optimisation (Tosca Fluid) Durability and fatigue evaluation (fe-safe) Design-of-Experiments, parameter optimisation, and…

10 Reasons for Transitioning to CATIA V6 (Part 4 of 5)

Extract taken from Whitepaper "10 Reasons for Transitioning to CATIA V6" by Technia' 3DEXPERIENCE/V6 Specialist Technical Team

Quickly Associate One Parameter Value to Another in CATIA

There is now a quick and easy way to link one parameter value to another in CATIA. In this example we will look at linking two dimensions quickly in sketcher.

10 Reasons for Transitioning to CATIA V6 (Part 3 of 5)

Extract taken from Whitepaper "10 Reasons for Transitioning to CATIA V6" by TECHNIA' 3DEXPERIENCE/V6 Specialist Technical Team

10 Reasons for Transitioning to CATIA V6 (Part 2 of 5)

Extract taken from Whitepaper "10 Reasons for Transitioning to CATIA V6" by Technia' 3DEXPERIENCE/V6 Specialist Technical Team

CATIA Stops Working with AVAST Antivirus New Definition Update

Some of our customers have experienced CATIA crashes after AVAST antivirus update today (22 July 2014)… We recommend to exclude CATIA folders namely C:Program FilesDassault Systemes from scanning!

10 Reasons for Transitioning to CATIA V6 (Part 1 of 5)

Extract taken from Whitepaper "10 Reasons for Transitioning to CATIA V6" by Technia' 3DEXPERIENCE/V6 Specialist Technical Team

What is CATIA?

CATIA stands for Computer Aided Three dimensional Interactive Application

Why Use Publications?

Many parts contain important features that the designer knows will be used in other parts, or to constrain the part in an assembly, such as hole centrelines, mating faces etc… There are three problems with this however: 1) Important features…

CATIA: Using Draft Analysis with Imagine and Shape to Optimize Design

This is a useful tool for quickly making moulded plastic objects, such as drink bottles. However before making mould tools it is useful to analyse the draft angles and correct mistakes to ensure that the bottles can be successfully removed…

CATIA: Using the DMU Optimiser Tools to Reduce the Size of CGR Files

The PRE license gives access to various tools that can reduce the size of CGR models without losing key packaging information.

ENOVIA SmarTeam: Standard Rolled Up BOM Instructions

1) Run a search for the assembly Item you wish to run a rolled up BOM on: 2) Select the assembly Item you wish to open the BOM editor on, and on the PLM tab click the ‘Open BOM Editor’…

ENOVIA: Section Fills in DMU Navigator using DM1

DMU Navigator, when used alongside a DM1 licence, does not allow for section fills. However there is a workaround! Watch the video below to see how!

CATIA V5: GS1 (Basic Surfacing) vs. GSD (Full Surfacing)

With CATIA V5 there is often a cost associated with additional functionality and it can become a dilemma to a user/company whether the tools available justifies the cost. In this example we will have a look at the PLM Express products GS1…

CATIA V5: Assigning Keyboard Shortcuts to Commonly Used Commands

It can often be a nuisance to use the mouse and click on commands that are commonly used in CATIA V5. One of the most used commands, which will we use as an example in this article, is the Hide/Show…

CATIA V5/ V6: Saving a File in an Applications Non Native Format

Many different applications typically own their own file format. In the majority of cases, application developers allow users to also save their files in different formats, typically in ISO Standard formats.

CATIA V5: Generating a CATPart from a CATProduct

It may be necessary for a CAD user to create a single part from an assembly of multiple parts. Most commonly this is done when analysing an assembly using other software. Each part within the assembly is converted into its…

CATIA V5: Creating Text in Sketcher Without Using Macro’s or Third Party Software

It is common in CATIA V5 for a user to want to create text inside the sketcher workbench. Dassault Systemes have addressed this need in CATIA V6 where a tool is available for the user to simply enter text and use it! However no…

CATIA V5: Changing the Co-Ordinate Axis System Representation Size

In the part design workbench users often have difficulty seeing the coordinate axis system. The following is a quick hint enabling users to control the coordinate axis system display size, allowing for a more comfortable CATIA experience.

CATIA V5 Data Management on the 3DExperience Platform

Are you currently using CATIA V5 without any PDM system? Do you want a 30% improvement in productivity, 25% improvement in design change management and a 40% improvement in BOM (Bill of Materials) accuracy? Are you interested in the PLM…

Webinar on Demand: Introduction to TECHNIA Value Components

Over 300,000 ENOVIA users are already enjoying a supercharged ENOVIA using the TECHNIA Value Components (TVC), delivering speed, increasing productivity, and reducing cost of ownership. To take the next big step in productivity, please join the TVC Webinar to understand…

Webinar on Demand: Optimizing ENOVIA with TVC

Over 300,000 ENOVIA users are already enjoying a supercharged ENOVIA using the TECHNIA Value Components (TVC), delivering speed, increasing productivity, and reducing cost of ownership. To take the next big step in productivity, please join the TVC Webinar to understand…

Smooth Camera Path in 3DVIA Composer

The last blog in our journey through 3DVIA Composer…. how to create a smooth camera path.

Magnetic Lines in 3DVIA Composer

3DVIA Composer’s unique magnetic line functionality makes it possible for users to easily align collaborative actors such as callouts and images.

Animation from Views in 3DVIA Composer

With 3DVIA there are two main approaches to creating your document; creating views or creating animations. But you aren’t restricted to one or the other, both can contribute towards the production of the other.

3DVIA Composer Advanced Transforms

Similar to the camera paths function in an earlier blog, the transformation of actors contain a path to follow. Again, similarly, this has the default option of Linear but can be changed to Custom or Smooth.

Reduce the Cost of Goods Sold

For manufacturing companies the biggest expense on a quarterly income statement is the cost of goods sold. By improving products and their processes a company can reduce the costs of goods, and improve their financial performance overall, helping to maintain…

3DVIA New in 2013x

It’s that time of year, a new release of the Dassault Systemes package is out, and there is some nice additions to 3DVIA.

3DVIA Composer Output Security Features

Ever wanted to send a sample of your product to a customer but not want it shared around to anybody else? 3DVIA allows you to add rights management to your documents such as passwords, time expiry and agreements upon opening.

Customise Ground Texture or Logo in 3DVIA

To make your 3DVIA presentations more tailored towards your company, you may want to try changing the ground logo. This currently defaults to the Dassault Systemes logo.

A Journey through 3DVIA Composer

A journey through 3DVIA Composer!

CATIA V6: Native Products and Parts Are Now Editable in V5

Dassault Systèmes launches industry’s best multi-version compatibility with new V5 Release. The new release V6-native products and parts are now editable in V5. Still, advancement of V5 continues.

CATIA V6 Release – How will it affect V5 users?

CATIA V6 has been released, and the improvements are significant. It offers users greater collaboration throughout the supply chain, as well as increased security of designs.

For Your Eyes Only – Document Rights Management

We’re all occasionally guilty of ignoring the traditional ‘old school’ way of doing things in favour of modern methods and technology; but just because something has been around a while it doesn’t always mean that it is out-dated or irrelevant…