It’s that time of year, a new release of the Dassault Systemes package is out, and there is some nice additions to 3DVIA.

Here’s a few of my favourites;

Multi Browser Support

Everyone has their favourite, and now you can use any of them for exporting your 3DVIA document to HTML.

3DVIA New in 2013x browser icons

Select Actors Not To Be Published

When exporting to 3DVIA Studio you can now choose what actors to take through and which not to, thus giving the user the ability to hide or completely delete some actors to help maintain their intellectual property.

3D Tool Library

This is a nice one, a new library of tool actors and hand gestures to match to aid in conveying the assembly method of products.

3DVIA New in 2013x

Keyboard Shortcuts

When working with products for several hours, any shortcuts are a bonus, and in 2013x Composer a few new keyboard shortcuts have been added to help you navigate your model.