Extract taken from Whitepaper “10 Reasons for Transitioning to CATIA V6” by TECHNIA’ 3DEXPERIENCE/V6 Specialist Technical Team

9. Graphical improvements

As well as various technical improvements, CATIA has also been given a much needed update to its appearance, with the graphical assets re-created to make better use of the high resolution screens that are available today, whilst also reducing visual clutter. To give you an idea of the update, compare these two trees from V5 and V6. This image also further emphasises how despite the visual changes, a designer would still be able to recognise all of the  features of the tree.

CATIA V6 Graphical Improvements

10. CATIA is still CATIA

While fundamental enhancements to the data structure behind CATIA have been made, CATIA’s modelling tools remain familiar, with the primary difference being enhancements to the existing tools and additional Workbenches. Users will be able to sit down in front of CATIA V6 and be at home without the need for a lengthy transition course. The underlying kernel for CATIA is based on the V5 kernel; this means that data from V5 can be imported, with full history and links of all kinds, into V6 with the database. It has the additional ability to recognise when files have already been imported and re-link these files to any new data, preventing unnecessary duplicates. Imported data can even be later updated with newer versions of the V5 data. Therefore after the import, the users can simply pick up their work where they left off.

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