TVC Mobile AccessTVC Mobile Access

Highlights & benefits

TVC Mobile Access will give you access to your ENOVIA system from the same mobile device you use when responding to emails or browsing for information on the internet when you are on the move. It will enable secure access to ENOVIA data from your mobile device when you are on the field and the possibility to review and approve business critical issues while travelling.

You can for example:

  • View drawing details on the shop floor or at a production site
  • Create Issues on site - where they are detected, when they are detected and also document  them with the camera on your mobile device
  • Review and approve task content, while travelling or comfortably from home
  • Bring statistics to meetings or find data that you are looking for by drilling down into charts
  • View object details and reach related data in a mobile browser friendly interface

TVC Mobile Access is based on the powerful Technia Value Components (TVC) framework, providing an intuitive and configurable mobile interface while keeping your cost-of-ownership low.

TVC Mobile Access at Outotec:

Outotec, a global leader in minerals and metals processing technology uses the TVC Mobile Access.  Henri Syrjäläinen, PDM System Owner explains the benefits:

“It is very easy to configurate. It is flexible and can easily be adapted to business
needs. I believe we will really get a business benefit out of it,” says Henri.

His colleague Juuso Pylkkänen, Specialist - Engineering & PDM Applications, says: ”It will be very useful for many people in our enterprise, not least for sales and service staff.”

TVC Mobile Access Workshop

In June 2012 Technia held a TVC (Technia Value Components) Mobile Access Workshop together with customers. See a film from the two-days event here: