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Technia’s Report Generator let’s you get the most out of your ENOVIA implementation. By providing the tools to extract and format defined reports, you can make clear decisions and be sure everyone has access to the latest data.

Create professionally formatted reports in ENOVIA

Every day ENOVIA users work with the data that defines your business, shouldn’t you have a clear picture of what it looks like?

In order to make the right decisions users need to extract and analyze information from ENOVIA. Whether it is a project team in a status meeting or an individual working alone, users need to present information that is up to date, organized and easy to share. The information must be professionally formatted and easy to read so that it can be shared inside or outside the organization.

The Technia Report Generator Component creates standard, formatted reports for all objects across the breadth of the ENOVIA platform. Users can adhere to corporate standards and increase professionalism by embedding company headers, footers, logos and other branding objects in their reports. The dynamic content from standard ENOVIA printer friendly pages can also be re-organized to make it easier to read and analyze.

The Report Generator Component extends the functionality of ENOVIA’s printer friendly pages by allowing users to create richly formatted standard reports. TVC Report Generator is sold as ENOVIA RPT for ENOVIA V6 2010 and later ENOVIA releases.

Technical information

  • Support for all ENOVIA business applications
  • Easy to configure through XML or with configuration object (Spinner / TCL)
  • Pure Java object oriented architecture
  • Built on struts and model view control principles
  • Support for V6R2013
  • Supported output formats: PDF, HTML, XML (PDX, Spreadsheet ML, ...), Text (CSV, Fixed Width, ...), Excel
  • Various delivery mechanisms: On-line (the user waits for the report to finish), SMTP Mail, FTP, JMS, Checkin the result to ENOVIA, Store the file on a disk

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