Mobile Access

Access all your important ENOVIA data, when you want it, where you want it. Technia’s Mobile Access allows you to work with ENOVIA data from the convenience of your mobile device with a fun interactive interface.

Today’s business is always on the go. Shouldn’t your data go with you?

You use your mobile everywhere you go, making sure you are always informed on the go. Shouldn’t it be the same for the important data inside ENOVIA? Technia Mobile Access will enable secure access to ENOVIA data from your mobile device when you are in the field and allow you to review and approve business critical issues while travelling.

You can for example:

  • View drawing details on the shop floor or at a production site
  • Create Issues on site - where they are detected, when they are detected and document them with the camera on your mobile device
  • Review and approve task content, while travelling or comfortably from home
  • Bring statistics to meetings or find data that you are looking for by drilling down into charts
  • View object details and reach related data in a mobile browser friendly interface

Mobile Access is based on the powerful Technia Value Components (TVC) framework, providing an intuitive and configurable mobile interface while keeping your cost-of-ownership low.

Technical Information

  • Support for all ENOVIA business applications
  • Easy to configure through XML or with configuration tools
  • Pure Java object oriented architecture
  • Support for 10.7 to  V6R2013x 

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