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MacGREGOR - better processes with PLM

December 10, 2009 | CIO Sweden 2009-12-10 page: 40-xx

MacGREGOR’s Crane division is the world’s leading marine cargo crane supplier. It started in the early 60s with the legendary Hägglunds crane. Over the years a wide range of crane types have been designed and successfully introduced. Today MacGREGOR’s product portfolio covers a number of cranes for shipboard cargo handling. The market for MacGREGOR cargo cranes is global, with owners and shipyards spread all over the world. The PLM solution will enable global access to product information and support MacGREGOR’s complete business process from concept design to after sales and services, which in turn will improve MacGREGOR customer responsiveness. The PLM system will be the global master for all items and product information and manage all related processes.

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