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Technia Products 2014.1 are released! Learn more about the new features in our webinar on demand!

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Accelerate your efficiency in an increasingly competitive environment

Technia is helping companies becoming more competitive and profitable through collaboration, rationalized processes and increased innovation. The solution is called Product Lifecycle Management (PLM).

Our PLM solutions handle our customers’ products – from idea to manufacturing and into implementation and maintenance – in a way that enables them to continuously introduce new products on the market at a high rate.


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Solutions for the Aerospace & Defence Industry

Team with global partners and suppliers to secure contracts, access key technology and develop markets.

Aerospace manufacturers must find innovative ways to minimize costs and cut time to market, while optimizing product performance.
We enable organizations to expedite the delivery
of products that involve thousands of highly-
engineered parts of every conceivable technology.
Our PLM solutions help them manage and
collaborate with countless suppliers
and their plants, from one successful
program to another.

Solutions for the Architecture, Engineering and Construction Industry

How do you reuse project information between projects when each is unique?

A need to increase overall productivity and significantly reduce the building costs in a project environment where each project is unique – plus the difficulty to recruit competent personell while the
regulatory requirements on safety, energy and
green materials are steadily increasing.
No Problem. We’re specialists in helping
companies to solve those challenges
through a smart use of Product
Lifecycle Management (PLM) systems.

Solutions for the Automotive Industry

Accelerating Market-Driven Innovations

Characteristic of the automotive industry is the complexity of business relationships, component interactions, and diverse technologies that apply to every project. In the automotive industry collaboration across the whole value chain is the key to success.
PLM is the key to collaboration.
Whether you are a large Original
Equipment Manufacturers or a
component supplier, we can help
you address the unique challenges
of the automotive industry.

Solutions for the Consumer Goods Industry

Consumer Goods companies must know what the market wants, able to rapidly change the products and business processes to adapt to the latest trend.

The Consumer Goods industry is a highly competitive global marketplace. Companies in the industry need to deliver the right high quality products to market, at the right time and at the right price
while maintaining profit margins.
Facing shorter product life cycles and
shrinking profit margins, progressive
Consumer Goods manufacturers are
relying on Product Life Cycle Management
solutions to address these challenges.

Solutions for the Energy, Process & Utility Industry

How does a stop in production affect the numbers in your annual report?

Gather and systemize all relevant information
regarding equipment, specifications, service
contracts and spare parts into one place.
No problem. With a PLM solution from
Technia your company will not only become
more effective, more competitive but also be
able to meet the demands from the owners,
clients and the government.

Solutions for the Fashion Industry

Are 5 mm a lot or a little?

Extremely short lead times, a need for sustainable growth
and a network of various global suppliers requiring tight
collaboration – topped with a huge demand for profit.

No problem. We’re specialists in making the
process from design to manufacturing
structurally impeccable and highly effective through 
Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) systems –
a solution more or less tailor made for the fashion
industry’s challenges.

Solutions for the Food & Beverage Industry

How can you get faster processes from R&D to the market?

Increasingly stringent government regulations require complex business processes and traceability procedures to be implemented.
No problem. Facing shorter product lifecycles and shrinking profit margins,
progressive food & beverage goods manufacturers
are relying more and more on Product Lifecycle
Management (PLM) solutions to address
these challenges.

Solutions for the Industrial Equipment Industry

Accelerate innovation, time-to-market and revenue.

Industrial companies face unique marketplace challenges such as managing an increasingly complex global supply chain and enormous amounts of technical and business information for each product delivered to the marketplace.
Whether you focus on standard manufacturing
or custom machinery, Technia is able to help
you accelerate innovation, time-to-market
and revenue by our PLM solutions.

Solutions for the Life Sciences & Pharmaceutical Industry

How can you bring your products to the market faster whilst keeping control of quality and regulatory demands?

A need to rapidly introduce new products, research and documentation that require total traceability and patent applications that ideally should take less time – plus extremely hard regulatory demands.
Let’s solve it. Through our PLM solutions 
your company will not only become more
effective, more competitive and more
profitable, but also be able to meet the
demands from the owners, clients
and the government.

Solutions for the Oil & Gas Industry

How to engineer, construct and maintain from anywhere in the world?

Modern oil & gas projects is based on collaboration of
hundreds and sometime thousands of people in
different companies. In order to drive these projects
properly on time and budget it´s critical to utilize the
best knowledge and to collect and share all the drawings,
documents, memo´s etc. in an efficient manner.

No Problem. We’re specialists in helping
companies to solve those challenges
through a smart use of Product Lifecycle
Management (PLM) systems.

Solutions for the Telecom & Electronics Industry

Complex development process with a combination of mechanical, electronic and software.

There is a strong pressure for change in the High Tech & Electronics industry coupled with short product life cycles. The market demand innovative new products at continually lower prices.
We have experiences from working with
world leading Telecom and Electronic companies
like: Ericsson, Nokia, Nokia Siemens Networks,
Sony Ericsson etc. These companies are
already realizing the value in PLM.